Bizarre Bizarre is the title of this series because bizarre is the word for it- not to mention its star, John Byner, who charges full tilt through a weekly half-hour of sketches, one-liners and blackouts on a host of bizarre subjects. They include Allan Blye and Bob Einstein, a Phil Donahue-type interview with the world's first trisexual; the Godfather's presid ...

Original Airdates1980-1985

Blizzard Island


Blizzard Island Tracey Allen, a 10 year-old Nova Scotia girl, and her nine year-old brother Wayne find intrigue while rummaging through an old chest. Their father, a sea captain, keeps many strange things — but none stranger than a mysterious necklace. This "special" necklace transports them to the magical world of Blizzard Island. As the children quickly find out, the ...

AkaArgon Quest (U.S. title)
Original Airdates1988-1989

Blue Rainbow, The

The Blue Rainbow's host and creator, Lutia Lausane, spins tales of giants and monsters and fantasy, punctuated with original songs she plays on her Celtic harp. Michael Kennard and John Turner also performed in The Blue Rainbow for three seasons as the clowns Dirk & Drock. CHSJ-TV sold the series to Global Television in 1989

Original Airdates1984-2000

Bob McLean Show, The


Bob McLean Show, The The Bob McLean Show succeeded Luncheon Date as CBC's lunchtime talk show broadcast. McLean continued the easygoing format that Elwood Glover had established in this program of music, interviews and features. In the summers of 1976 and 1977, material from the show was used for a Saturday evening series called The Best of Bob McLean. The 1976-1977 seas ...

AkaThe Best of Bob McLean; McLean At Large
Original Airdates1975-1981


Bookshop presented 52 half-hour programs produced by CKY-TV Winnipeg for children up to 12 years of age. Each episode was built around a theme which was the focus of the story along with craft exercises and the exchanges which took place among such characters as Witchkin and Piccadilly the Clown.




Bordertown Bordertown is about a U.S. marshal (Richard Comar), who is an ex-gunfighter, and a by-the-book Canadian Mountie (John H. Brennan) who jointly patrol a town on the Canada-U.S. border. The lawmen share an interest in a beautiful French woman named Dr. Marie Dumont (Sophie Barjac).

AkaLes deux font la loi
Original Airdates1989-1993

Bowling For Dollars


Bowling For Dollars Bowling For Dollars was a "franchised" game show produced and broadcast by local TV stations all across North America. CKND Winnipeg and CKCO Kitchener were the only Canadian stations airing versions in Canada. The Canadian game was a five-pin version. Each bowler had a maximum of three turns. Players who bowled three successive strikes won the pot bu ...


Boys from Syracuse, The


Based on the classic Shakespearean play A Comedy of Errors, this CBC-TV version of the Rodgers and Hart Broadway hit told about the outrageous complications which arose when two sets of twins turned up in the same city at the same time, all unaware of the other's existence.

Original Airdates1986
TypeTV Movie

Buckshot Show, The


Buckshot Show, The The Buckshot Show was a half-hour show from CFCN-TV with host and creator Ron Barge (Buckshot) who entertained children in the Calgary area daily from 12:30 to 1:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. With a group of puppet characters led by Benny the Bear, Heathcliffe the Dragon, Dafney the Dragon, Foghorn the Firefly, Rodney the Rodent and Farley Frick fro ...

Original Airdates1967-1992

Bumper Stumpers


Bumper Stumpers Hosted by Al Dubois, the object of Bumber Stumpers was to unscramble licence plates—the letters of which translated into popular slogans. Two pairs of contestants competed for cash prizes by solving the riddles hidden in the license plates (for example; 2BRNT2B— William Shakespeare). Premiered on September 14, 1987.

Original Airdates1987-1990

Calling All Safety Scouts


In this series, the characters from "We Live Next Door" demonstrate various aspects of personal safety. Through quizzes, personal demonstrations, songs and games, we learn about the various risks a young person can face and gives advise as to avoid mishaps. Children who think ahead and think of others can become safety scouts like Henrietta, the main ...

Original Airdates1982

Camp Cariboo


Camp Cariboo As the title suggests, an attempt is made to bring all the fun of summer camp to television. Knowing that children of this age group are attuned to fast-paced action, the pace is moderated by the recognition that young viewers want to interact directly with the programming they watch. To that end, the show is set in an idyllic camp setting where there i ...

Original Airdates1986-1989

Campbells, The


Campbells, The The Campbells was the story of a Scottish doctor who arrived in Upper Canada in the 1830s with his three children to start a new life. It starred British actor Malcolm Stoddard as the father, with John Wildman as his elder son and Amber-Lea Weston and Eric Richards as the two younger children. The Campbells arrived in Canada with little money - only hop ...

AkaLe clan Campbell
Original Airdates1986-1990

Canada A.M.


Canada A.M. When Canada A.M. debuted on CTV on September 11, 1972, it was the private network's most costly, lengthy, and promising attempt to develop creative Canadian content. A potpourri of news and features patterned on NBC's Today (Dave Garroway, Today's original host, was a scheduled guest on the opener), the show came on at 7 a.m. every weekday for 90 minute ...

AkaCanada A.M. Weekend; Canada AM
Original Airdates1972-

Canada Vignettes


Canada Vignettes Canada Vignettes from the National Film Board of Canada were a staple throughout the late 70's and 80's. The vignettes varied in length from between 30 seconds to 5 minutes and touched a wide variety of Canadian history and present-time topics.

Original Airdates1977-?

Canadian Conspiracy, The


The Canadian Conspiracy was a mockumentary in which a performer blows the lid off the Canadian government's plot to take over the American entertainment industry. It revealed for the first time that for the past 35 years, a subversive team of Canadian entertainers had been infiltrating and undermining the American way of life. Originally aired on Jun ...

Original Airdates1985
TypeTV Movie

Canadian Country Music Awards

Canadian Country Music Awards Growing in both reputation and experience, the CCMA (Canadian Country Music Association) was able to secure a broadcast partnership with CTV Television in which the 1987 Canadian Country Music Awards were televised for the first time coast to coast to coast. The CCMA partnered with CTV until 1996. In 1997 the CCMA entered into a new partnership with ...

Original Airdates1987-

Canadian Establishment, The


A seven part series of one hour documentaries based on Peter C. Newman's best-selling 1975 account of industrial and commerical wealth in Canada. The series, budgeted at one million dollars, was one of the CBC's most expensive projects to date. By following the principal figures of the Canadian corporate elite, and permitting them candid, extensi ...

Original Airdates1980

Canadian Express

Canadian Express was "a movable musical mosaic" that took pop artists who were known in one part of the country and moved them electronically to another part, packaged as a one-hour musical magazine show. The Express started in Vancouver with host Terry Jacks, sax-player Bucky Adams in Halifax and Paul Horn in Victoria, playing his flute to a killer wha ...

Original Airdates1977-1980

Canadian Gardener, The


Canadian Gardener, The Canadian Gardener appeals to gardeners of all ages and levels of expertise. The program is the most comprehensive how-to-gardening guide in North America featuring tips and demonstrations on virtually everything green with host David Tarrant. The program began in 1982 as a regional show called Western Gardener with well-known CBC personality Bob Swit ...

AkaWestern Gardener
Original Airdates1982-2000

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