Final Audition

This series of 4 one-hour programs presented fifteen finalists (from fifteen hundred entrants) in the Search For Talent competition sponsored by du Maurier cigarettes. Five acts performed on each of the first three programs, and the top five out of that group came back for a special live broadcast from the stage of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto ...

Original Airdates1978

Finlay & Company

In this series of eleven half-hour programs for the summer of 1976, Mary Lou Finlay interviewed and introduced profiles of Canadians in business, politics, and the arts. Subjects included journalist Allan Fotheringham, Leader of the Opposition Joe Clark, actor Susan Clark, Dennis McDermott, head of the United Auto Workers, advertising executive Terry O' ...

Original Airdates1976

First Five Years, The

A weekly, half-hour program on pre-school age children, The First Five Years featured Dr. Bette Stephenson and announcer Lloyd Robertson on a local CBLT-TV broadcast in the 1972-73 season. Harry Brown took Robertson's place when the program went to the CBC network in the autumn of 1973.

Original Airdates1972-1974

First Impressions

First Impressions was a CTV morning game show, milking its humour from the peculiar initial perceptions perfect strangers have of each other. It featured three couples competing against each other. Each member of a couple was asked questions about their partner, and the couples had only been introduced to each other just before the show. The show reveal ...

Original Airdates1976-1977

First Person Singular


First Person Singular was a series of 13 half-hour documentary programs in which the late Lester Pearson reminisced about his life and career... from childhood to the end of this tenure as prime minister in the spring of 1968. The interviews were filmed over a two-year period in 1970 and 1971. Archival footage and photographs were combined with Pearson' ...

AkaPearson - The Memoirs of a Prime Minister
Original Airdates1973

Fit Stop, The

Fit Stop, The The CBC's Schools and Youth department created this half-hour program because, reports said, Canadian young people were among the least fit in the world. The Fit Stop tried to redress the imbalance. The hosts talked with experts on the subjects of physical fitness and sports for children. The show, which stressed inexpensive activities, included instruc ...

Original Airdates1974-1975

Five Years in the Life

The original plan for Five Years in the Life was to produce a series of half-hour documentary films on ten families from different areas of Canada, and then return five years later for a second look. The first series was popular enough that the network modified the plan and produced further profiles of Canadian families, while periodically looking back ...

Original Airdates1968-1972



Flappers The Me Decade totters to a close with a series set in the Whee Decade—the Roaring Twenties. May Lamb is the flustered owner of Le Club, a raffish Montreal nightspot she's barely old enough to drink in. She's pert, prim and all too naive for the staff, which includes Oscar, the tyrannical chef, who dabbles in foreign aid (to the States and in bottles); U ...

Original Airdates1979-1981

Flight: The Passionate Affair

Flight: The Passionate Affair was Patrick Watson's four-part series recalling Canada's role in the development of aviation. Canada entered the age of flight when Alexander Graham Bell successfully flew his Silver Dart at Lake Bras d'Or, N.S., on Feb. 23, 1909. By 1918, Canada had supplied 25 per cent of the pilots flying for the Allied forces in World W ...

Original Airdates1976


A summer series, Flipside concerned the Canadian music and recording industry. Jim McKenna welcomed guests, such as the Stampeders, Jack Cornell and Robert David, and Jim Kale of the Guess Who, to perform and talk. The show also included film segments with such figures as Murray McLauchlan, who had recently won three Juno awards, and the Ville Emard Blu ...

Original Airdates1974

For Kids Only

For Kids Only, which turned up weekday afternoons on CBC, was a series that was mostly new and partly old. On Mondays, there was a teenage variety series called Catch Up! with Christopher Ward as the host. On Wednesdays, the series became a TV magazine devoted to features and fun. For Kids Only Specials, on Fridays, were half-hour dramas and documentari ...

Original Airdates1978-1979

For the Record


For the Record For The Record was a series of one hour and ninety minute film dramas which started on the series Performance as a sub-series called Camera '76. Each year, the CBC produced four to six new programs and also repeated programs from previous seasons. For The Record productions generally dramatized a specific social problem or issue. One of the few cont ...

AkaCamera '76; Moments in Time
Original Airdates1977-1986


The program dealt with the political and economic aspects of natural resources and resource industries. Several programs concerned the petroleum industry and explored Canada's place in the international market. Other programs concentrated on asbestos in Quebec, deep sea mining, fishing in Newfoundland, and forestry in British Columbia.

Original Airdates1977

Four for the Road

Mary Lou Finlay began her television career in 1970 as host of Four For The Road, an afternoon public affairs program produced at the local CBC station in Ottawa, CBOT. After four years with that program, she moved to CBOT's supper-hour news and current affairs show, This Day.

Original Airdates1970-1973

Frankie Howerd Show, The

The CBC imported British comic Frankie Howerd, who had recently appeared in the BBC series Up Pompeii, to star in a situation comedy to be called Oooh, Canada.' Howerd's shtik was vulgar, typically English toilet humour and the bawdy double entendre, as he usually functioned as a character in the story as well as the show's host and commentator on the a ...

Original Airdates1976

Friendly Giant, The


Friendly Giant, The Bob Homme, as the good-natured Friendly Giant, introduces children to books and helps them see how these can answer their questions and enrich their everyday living. Puppets Jerome the Giraffe and Rusty the Rooster, a good story, a bit of music and relaxed conversation and laughter, make up each 15-minute program. From 1958 until 1985, Homme wrote an ...

Original Airdates1958-1985

Front Page Challenge


Front Page Challenge Front Page Challenge was a long-running weekly news quiz show on CBC. Three regular panelists were joined by a guest panelist every week, and generally two guests were quizzed by the panelists for their identity or the identity of the news story they have been involved with, and then interviewed. A daytime version hosted by Fred Davis aired with the ...

AkaDaytime Challenge
Original Airdates1957-1995

Front Row Centre

Front Row Centre was a title for CBC-TV's anthology of 90-minute classic dramas. The first season aired 6 dramas on a monthly basis, while the second and final season aired 8 dramas (6 of them new) on a weekly basis. (The CBC also used this title for a series of movies to replace the Saturday night hockey broadcast in the summer of 1962)

Original Airdates1976-1978

Funnier Side of Eastern Canada, The

Steve Martin's first TV special was this independently produced Canadian travelogue. Designed to promote tourism in Montreal and Toronto, the special featured Martin doing short sketches and describing tourist sites. Standup segments were also filmed at the Ice House in Pasadena, California.

Original Airdates1974

Funny Farm, The


Blake Emmons and a zany cast of Canadians created a barnyard full of fun with singing, dancing and outrageous jokes in this CTV variety series. The vast population of this rather unusual farm consisted many regulars, including Benjamin Gordon, John Evans, Monica Parker, Jank Zajfman, Jayne Eastwood, Valri Bromfield, Monica Parker and Linda Rennhoffer.

Original Airdates1974-1978

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