Witness to Yesterday


Sponsored by Shell Canada Limited in 1974, Witness to Yesterday offered a fresh and fascinating perspective on history: the interpretations of historical events by many of the major personalities who took part in those events. Through a combination of detailed research and some of the finest actors, such great personalities as Queen Victoria and Alexa ...

Original Airdates1974-75; 1998

Wolfman Jack Show, The


Wolfman Jack Show, The The Wolfman Jack Show debuted as "Here Come The Wolfman" on Oct 5, 1976 on CBC. It was headlined by pop-culture hero Wolfman Jack on a mockup radio station set. Canadian singers and dancers, actors and performers, plus some of the country's top musicians were in the spotlight throughout the variety entertainment series. In addition to Canadian stars and ...

AkaHere Comes The Wolfman
Original Airdates1976-1977

Words and Music

A musical variety show from CBC Winnipeg, Words and Music starred Yvette, with the David Shaw Orchestra. The program featured a selection of local performers and musical styles that included jazz, country, and pop.

Original Airdates1970

World Aquarium

World Aquarium was a CBC series of 7 half-hour shows on marine life in the Pacific. The production ranged from the Vancouver Public Aquarium to the Great Barrier Reef off the Australian coast.

Original Airdates1975

World of Man, The

Produced by the CBC's schools and youth department, The World of Man was first a series half-hour programs on human life and its environment in different locales around the world. Each program concentrated on a different aspect of agriculture and industry.

Original Airdates1970-1975

World of Music

World of Music presented classical music from around the world in Sunday afternoon, one hour broadcasts. It included original CBC productions, as well as programs purchased from foreign sources, and documentary films on subjects of serious music, such as the National Film Board's portrait of Arthur Rubenstein, as well as programs of concerts, ballet, an ...

Original Airdates1968-1974

World of Plants, The

An introduction to horticulture, The World of Plants was produced in Calgary. Shot from a mobile production unit, the program travelled to conservatories, solariums, nurseries, and plant clinics, as well as to W.O. Mitchell's greenhouse, where the writer obsessively tends orchids.

Original Airdates1978-1980

Worlds Together

Adapted from the Radio-Canada series, Ce coin de terre, this seven-part series of half-hour programs concerned the culture of Canada's different national communities. The programs themselves originated in different regions of the country. The first, from Vancouver, concerned Japanese, Filipino, and Russian people. The second concentrated on the Jewish c ...

AkaCe coin de terre (French title)
Original Airdates1977

Would You Believe


Would You Believe was Sunday afternoon discussion program involving contemporary issues of faith and religion on CBC-Toronto. It alternated with local church service coverage.

Original Airdates1968-1972


W.O.W. stood for "Wonderful One-of-a-Kind Weekend." This was a children's series which consisted of special programs, shot in different locations across the country, and starring such personalities as the singing team of Sharon, Lois, and Bram, musician Bill Usher, and science broadcaster David Suzuki.

AkaWonderful One-of-a-Kind Weekend; W.O.W.
Original Airdates1979-1980

Write On!


Write On! In this educational series, we see the misadventures of Henry, a young reporter working in a small newspaper under a tyrannical editor and with a friendly secretary. For a professional journalist, his writing skills need a lot of coaching as his editor is quick to point out and is ready with lessons to help him improve. Fortunately, that office tends to ...

Original Airdates1976

Yan Can Cook


Not to be confused with Wok With Yan, Yan Can Cook was a Chinese cooking hosted my Martin Yan. Martin had filled in for a chef for a 12-minute spot on a local talk show on CFAC-TV in Calgary. The general manager of the station saw Yan in action and asked him to do a half-hour on his own. 130 shows per season were produced in Calgary and syndicated in ...

AkaYan Can
Original Airdates1978-1982

You and the Law

This 13-week series, produced by Winnipeg's C-JAY TV in co-operation with the Manitoba Bar Association, examined various aspects of the law and how it related to the public. Appearing with Ray Torgrud each week was Mr. Lyle Smordin of the Manitoba Bar Association.

Original Airdates1973

You Can Do It


Originally titled Mr. Chips from 1972-1979, You Can Do It showed viewers how to do home repairs and basic carpentry projects through short information segments, helpful hints and information on various "do-it-yourself" topics. The program was produced at CFCF-TV in Montreal.

AkaMr. Chips
Original Airdates1972-1981

You Can't Do That on Television


You Can't Do That on Television You Can't Do That on Television (YCDTOTV) was a children's television program produced from 1979 until 1990, with a reunion episode in 2004. It primarily featured child actors in a sketch comedy format, acting out short scenes based on a theme that served as the topic for the episode. Connecting scenes based on the theme would often serve to create a st ...

AkaYCDTOTV; Whatever Turns You On
Original Airdates1979-1990

You Tell Us

You Tell Us was a game show hosted by Edmonton broadcaster Doug Paulson. Each week, a topic was chosen, such as movies, television, sports, cartoons, fictional characters, or advertising. A panel of three competed against a resident expert who had full knowledge in the chosen topic. The expert was allowed five seconds to write down the answer to the giv ...

Original Airdates1979

Young Chefs, The


Jehane Benoit of Quebec who had already been teaching people about the joys of food preparation for 45 years turned her attention to beginners on The Young Chefs. Eager young apprentices on the program were Karim Kovacevich and Lisa Schwartz, both of Montreal. Each program was built around a specific subject and began with a nature study.

Original Airdates1976-1982

Youth Confrontation


This program pitted a group of twenty to thirty young people against an authority in a question and answer session. Bruce Rogers was the host and Don Elder the producer for the show, which originated in Toronto and other cities. Issues included professional sport, with Clarence Campbell, president of the NHL, the pressures on Canadian culture and the ec ...

Original Airdates1973-1974

Zoo World


On Zoo World, an eight part series from Winnipeg, produced by Larry Brown, host Clive Roots, formerly director of the Assiniboine Park Zoo, discussed the history and development of zoos. He addressed issues such as animal conservation, the simulation of natural habitats in captivity, feeding practices, and the problems of zookeeping.

Original Airdates1974



Zut! succeeded Comedy Cafe and Comedy Crackers as the television descendant of CBC radio's Funny You Should Say That. Among other slight changes, it retrieved Peter Cullen to the cast, which also included Barrie Baldaro, Joan Stuart, Ted Zeigler, Dave Broadfoot, Wally Martin, Al Boliska, and Dave Harriman, with singer Donald Lautrec, and an orchestra co ...

Original Airdates1970-1971

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