Dateline U.N.

The CBC provided Canadian viewers with regular coverage of the United Nations, direct from New York, and telecast on both English and French services, starting with the Ninth General Assembly. At the time, of course, the Korean War and the division of the country and the cold war were hot issues, as were the questions of French colonialism in Tunisia an ...

AkaReport From The U.N.; U.N. Review; UN Review
Original Airdates1958-1965



Dialogue was a program seen on CBC Newfoundland for 23 years. It usually held the Sunday at noon slot, but had been shuffled around in the schedule by the station. Dialogue was not a religious program but dealt with topics in religion, about faith groups and the humanities. John O'Mara hosted for the first 11 years and Richard Beaton took over for the r ...

AkaPillars of Faith
Original Airdates1968-1990

Difference, La

Journalists Peter Desbarats and Richard Gwyn introduced La Difference, a public affairs program that explored aspects of the divergence between English and French cultures and societies in Canada. The show was not simply current affairs commentary; its premise, stated Desbarats, acknowledged that "history is often a matter of interpretation, written and ...

AkaCanada Through the Looking Glass
Original Airdates1968

Diplomatic Passport

Diplomatic Passport was a half-hour program that took Canadian viewers into the embassies of other nations for a look and for an interview with the ambassador and, usually, his wife. The diplomats provided a tour of the embassy grounds, talked about their homeland and about the function of the ambassador in Canada.

AkaForeign Embassies
Original Airdates1961-1962

Directions in Music

Directions in Music was a CBC series of five half-hour Sunday afternoon broadcasts, produced in Vancouver. It aimed to show viewers different musical forms and productions.

Original Airdates1961


Discovery was a program of half-hour documentaries from Vancouver usually on subjects pertaining to western Canada. Discovery appeared on the national CBC network as a Sunday afternoon broadcast in the winter of 1962, and as a prime time summer replacement that summer and the next. Many of the shows were divided into instalments broadcast over two or ...

Original Airdates1961-1963

Disordered Mind, The

In 1960, The Disordered Mind was a four part subseries, broadcast on the Wednesday night Explorations program. A second series of four programs also appeared on Explorations in 1963. A third series was aired under its own title, on Sunday nights, in 1966. The Disordered Mind was a series of half-hour films that broke through some of the mysteries of ...

Original Airdates1960-1966

Doctor's Diary


Produced out of CFCF Montreal, Dr. Lawrence McNally would review the symptoms of 1 or 2 patients each show, who would sit in front of him on a spartan set that would make the sets of Videotron 9 and Rogers 10 look like NBC's Rockefeller Center digs. A real doctor, McNally was Director of the ER at Montreal's Lakeshore General Hospital. (Thanks to Way ...

Original Airdates1968-1970


Document was a series of documentary films that ran on the CBC network on an irregular basis, on different days of the week and in varying time slots. Works by some of the most prominent documentary filmmakers of the period aired on Document.

Original Airdates1962-1969

Documentary '60


Documentary '60 succeeded The Candid Eye as a series of twenty-six, half-hour films produced by the National Film Board for the CBC. In part, it continued the work of the earlier program in showing seven of the vivid, yet informal, direct cinema productions overseen by NFB producer Tom Daly. The series also included programs produced by David Bairstow a ...

Original Airdates1959-1960

Don Messer's Jubilee


Don Messer's Jubilee Don Messer's Jubilee appeared on the CBC in the same time slot for virtually an entire decade, and became one of the most beloved programs CBC television has ever produced. It presented a selection of old-time, country, and Maritime-flavoured folk music, and gained the loyalty that characterizes audiences of traditional, country music. After CBC canc ...

AkaJubilee; Don Messer
Original Airdates1959-1973

Double Your Money


On May 21, 1964 CTV televised Trans Atlantic Quiz, a special program with Britain's famous Hughie Green as master of ceremonies. Green, one of the most popular television personalities overseas at that time, was host of the British series, Double Your Money, which had been a top favourite in Great Britain for the past ten years. On Sept 25, 1964, CTV ...

AkaTrans Atlantic Quiz
Original Airdates1964-1965

Ed Evanko Show, The

Singer and actor Ed Evanko starred in his own musical variety show from Winnipeg in the summer of 1967. The show's orchestra and chorus were led by Bob McMullin. Evanko welcomed such musical guests--most from the Winnipeg area--as Lorraine West, Miriam Breitman, Ray St. Germain, Peggy Neville, Hector Bremner, Bobbi Sherron, Yvette, and guitar virtuoso L ...

Original Airdates1967

Eight Stories Inside Quebec


Eight Stories Inside Quebec was an eight-week CBC series, covering various people and events associated with Quebec. The programs were hosted by Peter Desbarats and produced by Paul Wright.

Original Airdates1966


In her 1955 summer series, singer Eleanor Collins, pianist Chris Gage, dancers Lennie Gibson and Denise Quan, the Ray Norris Quintet, host Alan Millar, and their weekly guests performed music around a particular theme each week. In the 1964 series, Collins was backed by a trio led by Chris Gage, and they and guests such as trumpet and trombone playe ...

Original Airdates1955; 1964


A half-hour interview show, Encounter replaced the panel show Fighting Words for two months and featured its moderator, Nathan Cohen. Cohen talked with a wide range of guests in business, the humanities, arts, and sciences.

Original Airdates1960


A half-hour series from Vancouver featuring a program of light music. Singer-pianist Patrick Trudell and singer Ernie Prentice sing popular songs from all musical eras. Their sidemen are brass player Gavin Hussey and drummer Mickey McMartin.

Original Airdates1961

Exhaust Tones

Exhaust Tones was a Sunday show designed for motor racing enthusiasts on CJAY-TV in Winnipeg. Host Phil Reimer, who had taken part in auto racing events on the west coast, covered the Manitoba sports car, motorcycle, go-kart and hydroplane racing scene, and presented film of races and rallies, both local and international. Assisting Mr. Reimer was T ...

Original Airdates1961



Explorations Explorations was a CBC series of films, interviews, and demonstrations of aspects of the social and physical world. In the first season, Explorations was broadcast every second week. Subsequently, it aired weekly, and the series then usually organized with subseries of two to six weekly parts. The 1957-58 season was produced on a coast-to-coast basis, w ...

Original Airdates1956-1964

Expo '67 Report


To stir up interest and keep viewers informed about the progress of the construction of the Montreal World's Fair, the CBC scheduled a weekly, half-hour broadcast from Montreal the summer before the fair opened. Bob MacGregory and Norman Kiehl brought viewers up to date about news of the predecing week from the Expo site, interviewed the architects and ...

Original Airdates1966

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