Commonwealth Jazz Club

The CBC cooperated with the BBC and Australia's ABC to produce this series of four half-hour performances. Canadians contributed two segments, with radio announcer Phil McKellar as host for both. In one, he introduced the Jimmy Dale Orchestra and the Sonny Greenwich Quartet, with guitar legend Sonny Greenwich, Doug Willson on bass, Bob Angus on piano, a ...

Original Airdates1965



In the daily game show, Communicate, one member of a team tried to guess the name of a person or thing from one-word clues that his or her partner provided. Two teams competed in a best-of-three contest, and the winners met new contestants until they were beaten. Celebrity contestants formed one-half of each team. Winning contestants--at least the 'non- ...

Original Airdates1966-1967


Comparisons was a series of one hour films produced by the National Film Boards that set elements of life in Canada alongside practices in other parts of the world. The films included Four Families; Age of Dissent; Four Religions; Suburban Living: Six Solutions; Four Teachers; Courtship; An Enduring Tradition; and Of Sport And Men.

Original Airdates1959-1963


Compass represented experimentation and and expansion of conventional reportage for the CBC. Over its ten week schedule, Compass presented a wide variety of half-hour documentaries and studio productions under executive producer John Kennedy in 1965. The 1966 season opened with a revue, called A Sign of the Times, in which members of Second City, th ...

Original Airdates1965-1966


The CBC has, understandably, produced a number of musical programs and series simply titled Concert. The first month of CBC television (1952) included a weekly, half-hour concert broadcast on Sunday evenings. In autumn 1960, the network presented a series of eight programs, titled Concert, that highlighted compositions and performances by Canadians. ...

AkaCBC Concert
Original Airdates1952-1965

Conquest of Space

Host Percy Saltzman and announcer Bill Kehoe presented this five part program on space and space travel. In segments titled Sounds of Silence, The Other Side of the Sky, The High Frontier, A Star to Steer Her By, and Childhood's End, Saltzman examined the ideas of outer space from ancient times up to the Apollo space program, which had just put a man on ...

Original Airdates1969


Executive producer Ronald Weyman attempted to follow-up the success of Wojeck with another series about a doctor. Where Steve Wojeck had been a coroner, and the dramatic roots of his stories were in crime investigations, Greg Corwin was a psychiatrist who had given up his specialty to work in an inner city general practice, and his stories were more all ...

Original Airdates1969-1971


A nineteen week series of half-hour broadcasts produced in Montreal, Counterpoint attempted to alleviate tensions between Quebec and English Canada by stressing what CBC's publicity called "the surging spirit of interracial co-operation." Armande Saint-Jean, columnist for Sept Jours, and Arthur Garmaise, formerly a radio actor and producer and more rece ...

Original Airdates1967

Country Canada


Country Canada Country Calendar was a half-hour program on CBC which provided regular coverage of agriculture. It started on an interconnected network in Eastern Canada, with Norm Garriock's commentary on farm matters in the first half and Earl Cox on gardening in the last half. The CBC subsequently introduced editions of Country Calendar for other regions of the c ...

AkaCountry Calendar; Summer Country Canada
Original Airdates1954-2007

Country Hoedown


Country Hoedown Country Hoedown made its premiere on Saturday evenings as a summer replacement for On Camera. It moved to Friday for a regular slot in the autumn broadcast schedule, and there it stayed for nine years. It followed the lead of Holiday Ranch, and was one of the most popular musical variety shows the CBC ever produced. This showcase for Canada's countr ...

Original Airdates1956-1965

Country Music Hall


Country Music Hall For the country and western music lover. Country Music hall filled in a half hour every week on CTV starting in September, 1964. American Carl Smith was host of the show with Diane Leigh as regular girl singer and the Maple Creek Boys as the regular band. Many big names in the country and western music realm were featured as guests.

AkaCarl Smith's Country Music Hall
Original Airdates1964-1969


Countrytime, like Country Calendar, was a half-hour program of agricultural information. It was produced in Halifax, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver and presented fifteen minutes of national news on recent developments in agriculture. The following fifteen minutes were taken up with local gardening news and tips by Earl Cox for the Ontario and Quebec a ...

AkaCountry Time
Original Airdates1960-1966

Creative Persons

The production of Creative Persons, a series of twelve, half-hour film portraits, was supported cooperatively by the CBC, the BBC, National Educational Television in the U.S.A., and Bayerischer Rundfunk in West Germany. The filmmakers employed direct cinema techniques to examine a number of people who make contemporary art of different types. The subjec ...

Original Airdates1968

Cross Canada

The CBC's Schools and Youth Programming department presented this weekly half-hour of films, most produced by the National Film Board, as after- school viewing on the activities of Canadians. The titles included: Aircraft in Forest Fire Control; A Question of Identity; Taming the Rocky Mountain Trench; Angotee: Story of an Eskimo Boy; The Sea Got In You ...

Original Airdates1969

Cross Canada Barn Dance


As one of CTV's first shows, Cross Canada Barn Dance aired for 26 weeks in the 1961-1962 season, showcasing country music acts from all over Canada and the U.S. The one-hour program was made up of several segments, each originating from CTV stations across Canada.

AkaCross-Canada Barn Dance
Original Airdates1961-1962

Cross Canada Curling

CBC's World of Sport presented this annual series featuring Canada's top curlers. Cross-Canada Curling was video-taped in three Canadian cities and appeared on Saturday afternoons on the entire CBC-TV network. Competitors represented the same eleven categories (one rink from each of Canada's provinces plus one from Northern Ontario), which made up the C ...

AkaCross-Canada Curling
Original Airdates1961-1965

Cross-Canada Hit Parade


Cross-Canada Hit Parade The CBC adapted the formula of the U.S. musical variety series, Your Hit Parade, to produce its own weekly half-hour countdown of popular music. Each week, the regulars, the vocal group the MCs (or the Emcees), and an orchestra led by clarinetist Bert Niosi would perform a selection of the top musical hits in the country, determined in cooperation with ...

AkaMusic '60
Original Airdates1955-1959

CTV National News


CTV National News CTV National News is a newscast on CTV, which airs at 11pm local time on the main network across Canada. The current anchors are Lloyd Robertson on weekdays, and Sandie Rinaldo on weekends. The title CTV National News has been rarely used since the 1990s; weeknights, the program is now called CTV News with Lloyd Robertson and on the weekends, CTV News w ...

AkaCTV News with Lloyd Robertson; CTV News with Sandie Rinaldo
Original Airdates1962-



Cuisine went on the air in 1960 broadcasting out of Vancouver. The show aired for most of the 1960s. It was about food and cooking, presented by a different Vancouver home economist or culinary expert each week. In its second year, the program began an on-screen display of its recipes after requests from viewers. The show made a real effort to include i ...

AkaCuisine 30
Original Airdates1960- ?



Radio-Canada collaborated with France, Belgium, and Switzerland to produce D'Iberville, a thirty-nine week dramatic series based on the life of Pierre Lemoyne, Sieur d'Iberville. D'Iberville was shot on location near Quebec City on sets representing Quebec and Montreal settlements at the end of the seventeenth century, and a full scale replica of d'I ...

Original Airdates1968-1969

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