Chansons Chansons was a series of 13 musical programs highlighting Canadian folic songs old and new, filmed in colour against some of Canada's most attractive scenery coast to coast. The series was produced and directed by Anton Van de Water and originally telecast on SRC in the summer of 1966 and on the English CBC network during the 1966-67 season as a musical ...

AkaMon pays, mes chansons
Original Airdates1966-1967

Charlie Had One But He Didn't Like It, So He Gave It to...

Produced in Toronto, this late night, half-hour show with the improbable title consisted of sight gags, blackouts, and sketches. It featured a different female guest each week. Regulars Paul Soles and Barrie Baldaro, were, along with David Harriman, the show's writers, and it was produced by Terry Kyne.

Original Airdates1966


Check-Up Check-Up was a half-hour show on health care over the summer of 1963. Each program was devoted to a specific medical problem or disease. In the first part, a doctor examined a patient and makes a diagnosis. In the second part, the program host, Lloyd Robertson, introduced the doctor to a panel of laymen. Under their questioning, the doctor explained his ...

Original Airdates1963

Chez Hélène


Chez Hélène Chez Hélène was a children's television series produced by and broadcast on CBC Television. The 15-minute weekday program was broadcast on the English television network to provide viewers with exposure to the French language. The program was produced at CBC's Montreal studios. It began its 14-season run on 26 October 1959, with the final program air ...

Original Airdates1959-1973

Children of the World

In 1969 the CBC aired a series of six half-hour "semi-documentaries" on children in different areas of the world, in association with UNICEF. Some film teams visited countries like Dahomey, Brazil, Guatemala, Somalia, Thailand and Nepal, where UNICEF located young people who talked about their culture and their way of life--for example, 11-year-old ...

Original Airdates1969-1974

Children's Cinema

On weekday mornings for the Christmas holidays, then on Saturday mornings or afternoons, Robert Homme, "The Friendly Giant," welcomed viewers to the movie room of his castle and introduced award-winning feature films from around the world and from Canada.

Original Airdates1969-1975

Children's International Newsreel

The first "newsreel" for children on the CBC network was Children's International Newsreel, originating in Montreal. The 15-minute show was made up of segments procured from the news service of the European Broadcasting Union and presented without a host. In December 1955, members of the European Broadcasting Union constructed a film exchange agreem ...

Original Airdates1957-1960

Choice of Futures, A

The CBC announced this three part series as a consideration of the future on the special historic occasion of Canada's centennial. The hour-long programs projected time to come through a documentary, an essay, and a fantasy drama. The first program was The Earth Is A Very Small Spaceship; Therefore Choose Life, the second program; and 1999 the last p ...

Original Airdates1967

Chorus, Anyone

Each episode of this half-hour performance by a twelve voice male chorus and their guests revolved around a specific theme, such as "campfire songs," or "songs of the sea." John Avison served as choir director, and also performed with Hugh McLean at twin pianos. Guest soloists in this summer series included Bernard Turgeon, Ernie Prentice, Jan Rubes ...

Original Airdates1964

Chorus, Gentlemen

Chorus Gentlemen, probably more accurately titled than its predecessor a summer before, Chorus Anyone, was a singalong program produced in Vancouver by Neil Sutherland and directed by Ken Gibson. It featured an male chorus, led by Bobby Reid (1965) and Brian Gibson (1966-67). Along with guest soloists, they sang popular music of the period from Worl ...

Original Airdates1965-1967

Christmas Letter, A

This Christmas Day tribute to Canada's three armed services will be introduced by the Hon. Douglas Harkness, minister of national defence. The three sequences in the program depict a normal day for navy, army and air force personnel and are linked together by a (fictitious) letter home from a sailor, soldier and airman. The program will stress the routi ...

Original Airdates1960

Cine Club

Each week, in Cine Club's half-hour slot, the CBC aired one to three short films from all over the world. Many of the films had never before been seen in Canada, or had been restricted to the membership of film societies. They ranged in type from animated cartoons or films made from selected photographs or still images to documentary to narrative.

Original Airdates1964-1967

Citizens' Forum

Citizens' Forum The program format in its initial seasons included a panel discussion for the first twenty minutes, followed by an open session in which a studio audience was invited to participate. The show was generally organized into series of three weeks, followed by an "In the News" program, on national and international affairs. The program also welcomed viewers ...

AkaCitizen's Forum
Original Airdates1955-1963


Click Frank Herbert, an amateur photographer, was co-host with Ken Haslom this weekly 15-minute program. Click was a show designed to inform and entertain both professional and amateur "shutter-bugs" interested in black and white, color, movie or miniature photography. The two hosts spent hours each week preparing material for the show. Much of the work w ...

Original Airdates1962



Close-Up Creator and executive producer Ross McLean spun Close-Up, a prime-time, weekly program off from Tabloid, the successful, daily, early evening public affairs show. The CBC supported the series with a substantial production budget that permitted McLean to send correspondents and camera crews to far locations for interviews and documentaries. Originally a ...

Original Airdates1957-1963

Club 6

Club 6 was a local Toronto variety show for teenagers. The show was a spin-off from Dick Clark's American Bandstand- a compromise between teenagers' dancing and a public affairs show. Each show featured one school giving some attention to the achievements of its pupils while the hosts in general, including the studio audience of some 200 young people, e ...

Original Airdates1960-1962

Clubhouse 8


Clubhouse 8, from St. John's, Newfoundland, was scheduled on Saturdays at noon as a local show with Barbara Crosbie and Sean O'Leary hosting young people who demonstrated their hobbies and pets. Free beanies in the show's colors, badges with the name of the show and free ice cream were given out. In addition, there was a swap shop where boys and girls c ...

Original Airdates1964

Colonel Loonar


Colonel Loonar Colonel Loonar, a rousing rocketeer, provided a fantastic fallout of high shooting humour and fun to young viewers in the early 1960's. This simple-minded spaceman packed a rocketfull of jokes, outer space stories, cartoons and gags and an odd collection of some of the funniest characters in show business. Produced at CFCN-TV in Calgary, Len Carlson ...


Come Dance With Us

Members of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet interpreted a different theme, such as "springtime," each week in this half-hour show for children, which was originally scheduled to run for twelve weeks. The program included films and music, as well as dance. The show was written by Marion Waldman. The choreographer was Brian Macdonald and the musical director Bob ...

Original Airdates1960

Come Listen Awhile


In the wake of the folk music revival of the early 1960s, CBC Vancouver presented Come Listen Awhile, an afternoon show. Each week, host Doug Campbell, singers Bud Spencer, pianist Pat Trudell, and the George Colangis orchestra welcomed guest performers for a half-hour of folk music. Guests included Claire Klein, Betty Phillips, Ernie Prentice, Lucille ...

Original Airdates1963-1964

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