World on Stage

Expo '67 and the parade of international entertainers who performed there were the focal points of this CBC series of 12 half-hour programs. Radio-Canada staff announcer Lizette Gervais introduced programs of opera, ballet, symphonic music, theatre, and popular music from the Montreal World's Fair, produced at the International Broadcasting Centre at Ex ...

Original Airdates1967

Would You Believe


Would You Believe was Sunday afternoon discussion program involving contemporary issues of faith and religion on CBC-Toronto. It alternated with local church service coverage.

Original Airdates1968-1972

Yesterday and Today


This series of dramatizations was intended to compare the lives of the pioneers with the lives of people today. The five half- hours were first aired on Canadian School Telecasts and repeated on A Place of Your Own. Frank Perry played George Scott, the father, Tudi Wiggins was Martha Scott, the mother, and Trudy Young and Jaro Dick played Jennifer and J ...

Original Airdates1968

Your World

This series of fifteen minute programs, produced by Earl Barnholder, was presented on Canadian School Telecasts. Targeted for students ages twelve to fifteen, on it Lloyd Robertson discussed significant events, illustrated with newsfilm. Another series of school broadcasts, produced by Rena Elmer of the Schools and Youth Department, used the same tit ...

Original Airdates1965-1969

Youth '60

This afternoon program combined entertainment with discussion. Host Tommy Common presented interviews with persons of interest to young audiences, young performers, career discussions, and a letters segment, which included correspondence from viewers on subjects of interest. Also on the show were Penny Williams, a grade twelve student from Leaside Colle ...

Original Airdates1959-1960


Ziguener was a local series on CJAY-TV in Winnipeg. The series featured gypsy music with singer Miriam Breitman, Dick Seaborn (as a gypsy violinist) and a string trio. The set was made to look like a forest glade. The series aired for one summer in 1961 to good reviews, and CTV even expressed interest in picking up the show. Ziguener appeared again in t ...

Original Airdates1961;1962

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