The International Television Federation consisted of the CBC and broadcasting organizations from the UK, USA, and Australia. They shared documentary programming in an attempt to provide viewers with a wider view of contemporary world affairs, The CBC broadcast the programs, on the average one a month, at varying days of the week and times of day.

Original Airdates1961-1971

Irish Coffee


The CBC gathered a group of articulate CBC types, sat them around a table and fed them at a restaurant called Julie's on Jarvis Street in Toronto, right across from the CBC, and let them sit around and talk with each other while the videotape rolled, and made a CBC television show called Irish Coffee. Whether the idea for this show arose out of similar ...

Original Airdates1969-1970

It's a Match


It's a Match was a game show produced in Toronto by Dan Enright for Columbia-Screen Gems and hosted by Jack Barry. The game show was an early version of Barry and Enright's popular The Joker's Wild, during the time Barry and Enright were "exiled" from game shows in the U.S. following the quiz show scandal of the 1950's. The series was syndicated on a nu ...

Original Airdates1966

It's Happening


It's Happening It's Happening was a new version of CTV's successful A Go Go '66 program featuring Robbie Lane and his Disciples and the It’s Happening Dancers. Toronto DJ Jay Nelson was the announcer. Many Canadian recording artists appeared as guests on the show. In 1968 the Disciples were replaced by The Carnival.

Original Airdates1966-1969

It's Our Stuff

The Good Company — a group of young singers and dancers who also participated in show production — starred in this follow-up to their self-titled series from the previous summer with a fresh format and many new faces. The "new" Good Company did their "stuff" with songs, dances, comedy sketches and, sometimes, their own original compositions. Producer ...

Original Airdates1969

It's Your Move


It's Your Move It's Your Move was played before a live studio audience, and spiced the familiar game of charades by adding a time factor, in auction form. The two competing teams bid for the opportunity to enact - and, hopefully, to guess - an unknown phrase. The team offering the lower bid was awarded the floor, and one member acted out the charade while the other te ...

Original Airdates1964-1967; 1974-1979

Jake and the Kid

Jake and the Kid Jake and the Kid was a CBC drama series by W. O. Mitchell. Programs in the series chronicled the amusing and serious events in the lives of a boy, his mother and the hired man on their farm in the mythical community of Crocus, Sask. Mitchell's Jake and the Kid stories had been presented on CBC radio in past years. The characters were first seen on telev ...

Original Airdates1961-1963

Jerry Lester Show, The

A Canadian company, Fellowship Productions, produced the Jerry Lester Show out of CFTO-TV's studios. Jerry Lester hosted and clowned around in the weekly hour-long show that had show business celebrities like Bobby Darin, Pat Suzuki, Morey Amsterdam, Rudy Vallee and others as guests. Singer Richard Hayes and Rudy Toth and his orchestra were regularly fe ...

Original Airdates1963-1964

Jeunesse Oblige


Jeunesse Oblige Jeunesse Oblige, which meant "youth must be served" in English, was a six-day-a-week program on Societe Radio-Canada. When the Music Hop program expanded in the 1964-65 season, Jeunesse Oblige was Montreal's Tuesday contribution. It featured many of that city's English and French-speaking vocalists.

Original Airdates1963-1968

Jim Coleman Show, The


On this fifteen minute broadcast for late Friday evenings, Toronto sportswriter Jim Coleman presented sports news and interviewed sports personalities.

Original Airdates1956-1960

Joan and a Hundred Men


Singing star Joan Fairfax took an hour-long look at men on the CBC-TV network. The special program entitled Joan and a Hundred Men, was described by producer-director Norman Sedawie as a "very factual description of men, including their likes and dislikes." Also appearing on the program was actor Eric House. Principal writers for the special were Fra ...

AkaJoan and 100 Men
Original Airdates1961

Joan Fairfax Show, The


Singer Joan Fairfax starred in her own musical variety show, complete with all-woman orchestra, in the summer of 1959, and the program moved to a Sunday evening slot for the regular season in the autumn of that year. The half-hour program proved very popular, attracting an estimated two and a quarter million viewers. Singers the Van Dorn Sisters joined ...

Original Airdates1959-1960



Juliette Like Holiday Ranch, Don Messer's Jubilee, and Country Hoedown, Juliette's show employed a strict and extremely modest programming format. The basic set represented the star's living room, and the repetition from week to week of a pattern that conveyed easy familiarity to her audience. Although a showy platinum blonde, she dressed with more show than gla ...

AkaThe Juliette Show
Original Airdates1956-1966

Junior Hi-Lites

Junior Hi-Lites was a Winnipeg amateur show for youngsters who were in Grades 7, 8 and 9. The series was intended to bridge the talent gap between the 12 and under age group seen on Calling All Children and the high school students who appeared on the Warren Davis show and Hi Jinks.

Original Airdates1960-1965

Junior Magazine

Junior Magazine Junior Magazine actually began as Children's Magazine on Sept. 25, 1955. By Dec. 4 the title changed to Junior Magazine. A sixty minute digest of information and entertainment for young viewers, Junior Magazine presented a selection of short film features and interviews each week. Host John Clark introduced ten minute films on a variety of subjects, ...

AkaChildren's Magazine; Holiday Edition; Summer Magazine
Original Airdates1955-1962

Junior Roundup

Junior Roundup Junior Roundup was a children's program involving CBC production centres across the country. It was designed for children from 9 to 14 years of age, and featured actor Murray Westgate as host. The 45-minute program, seen each weekday, put the accent on "good fun" and a variety of children's interests. It was preceded by 15 minutes of programming for ...

AkaBantam Roundup; Roundup Goes Camping
Original Airdates1960-1961

Just Mary

Just Mary Mary Grannan read her own stories offscreen and human performers and puppets acted them out in this fifteen minute program. Starting October 1960, Just Mary formed part of the regular Thursday fare in the weekday package for children, Junior Roundup.

Original Airdates1960


Kaleidosport was a CBC program providing coverage of a wide variety of athletic events, from highlights of the Canadian Winter Games in 1967, to harness racing. Most programs would include features on more than one event.

Original Airdates1967-1972

Kerry Wood Storybook

Kerry Wood Storybook Alberta naturalist Kerry Wood introduces a series of stories with a Canadian background to children of all ages.

Original Airdates1962-1963


Keynotes, a quarter-hour musical variety program from Edmonton, featured show tunes and standards sung by Buddy Victor or Dorothy Harpell, who appeared on alternating weeks, backed by Tommy Banks on piano and Harry Boon on organ.

Original Airdates1963-1964

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