Hockey Night in Canada


Hockey Night in Canada Hockey Night in Canada is a popular television broadcast of National Hockey League games in Canada produced by the CBC. It is consistently the highest-rated Canadian-produced television program on Canadian television. The highest-rated segment of HNIC is Coach's Corner, an intermission show featuring Don Cherry and Ron MacLean. Hockey Night in Canada ...

Original Airdates1952-

Holiday Ranch


Holiday Ranch One of the most popular shows in Canadian television of the 1950s, Holiday Ranch was a simple variety show that seemed to be designed for fans of country music. It started its five year run on weeknights, but settled into a slot in the early evenings on Saturdays. The set was a ranch house, with a church visible through the window. In the first part o ...

Original Airdates1953-1958


Hometown for thirteen weeks found the people of Willowbend in various festive moods. The story of each of these social events— Willowbend's golden jubilee, the town fair, a school dance, a Chivaree, and a farming bee, etc.— were told largely in music sung by the James Duncan Singers and soloists. The songs included folk songs, show tunes, and a number o ...

AkaHome Town
Original Airdates1958

House Party

A half-hour talk show, House Party ran every 2nd week, alternating with What's My Line or Make A Match. An offscreen commentator introduced guests over film or still photographs, and then host Michele Tisseyre interviewed them in a setting appropriate to their talent or story. Guests were generally from the field of entertainment, including sports, tele ...

Original Airdates1954-1955

How About That?

CBC weatherman Percy Saltzman starred in Weather and Why, a fifteen minute science show for children. On it, he demonstrated basic principles of physics and demonstrated how to make scientific instruments, such as an anemometer or a rain gauge, with readily available materials. The program gained considerable praise. This program was renamed How Abo ...

AkaWeather and Why
Original Airdates1953-1954

Howdy Doody


Howdy Doody Originally an American program, "Howdy Doody" was rewritten and recast by CBC, Canadianizing characters such as Buffalo Bill into Timber Tom. The program featured an ongoing storyline, and a cast of characters performing songs and slapstick to a live studio audience known as the peanut gallery. The CBC aired the all-Canadian version of "Howdy Doody" ...

Original Airdates1954-1959

In the Common Interest

In the Common Interest was a film series hosted by Vincent Tovell, the CBC's correspondent at the United Nations, and was produced by the CBC in cooperation with the U.N. The fifteen minute reports concerned social conditions in different countries throughout the world.

Original Airdates1955-1956

In the Story Book

Aimed at children up to eight years of age, In the Story Book presented classic tales by such writers as the Brothers Grimm, J.M. Barrie, Hans Christian Andersen, and Lewis Carroll in dance and pantomime, choreographed by Heino Heiden and narrated offscreen by CBC announcer Steve Woodman. Actor and writer Ann Fafoutakis adapted the stories.

Original Airdates1956-1957

In Town Tonight

The opening broadcast of In Town Tonight covered a fashion show staged by Eaton's, with announcer Elsa Jenkins, especially for the CBC's first attempt at on-the-spot television reporting. In Town Tonight provided actualities and interviews with personalities visiting Toronto.

Original Airdates1952


Interlude was a half-hour musical show somewhere between symphonic music and jazz. Eric Wild conducted the orchestra for this show which also featured solo work from some of the best musicians in Winnipeg. Jack Phillips produced the show at CBC Winnipeg.

Original Airdates1956

It's the Law

It's the Law, produced by the CBC's David Walker in co-operation with the Canadian Bar association, was an attempt to explain the law as it concerned citizen's everyday life. Each program was in three parts; an introduction to a particular point of law, a dramatized episode about this point, and an interview with a Bar association member.

Original Airdates1956

Jackie Rae Show, The


Jackie Rae Show,  The Jackie Rae starred in a musical variety show, which also featured the Grads, a vocal quartet, Jack Kane and his orchestra, and comic and writer Frank Peppiatt. The program's flexible format allowed it to be produced both in the CBC's Toronto studios or, occasionally, in a different location. Guests included Canadian performers, including the cast of "Sa ...

Original Airdates1955-1957

Jazz With Jackson

A half-hour of music with a big band, pianist Cal Jackson, host Dick MacDougall, and their guests, Jazz With Jackson alternated in a Saturday evening slot with The March of Time until mid-June 1953, when it started a weekly run.

Original Airdates1953-1955

Jim Coleman Show, The


On this fifteen minute broadcast for late Friday evenings, Toronto sportswriter Jim Coleman presented sports news and interviewed sports personalities.

Original Airdates1956-1960

Joan Fairfax Show, The


Singer Joan Fairfax starred in her own musical variety show, complete with all-woman orchestra, in the summer of 1959, and the program moved to a Sunday evening slot for the regular season in the autumn of that year. The half-hour program proved very popular, attracting an estimated two and a quarter million viewers. Singers the Van Dorn Sisters joined ...

Original Airdates1959-1960

Journey Into Melody

Journey Into Melody, a Sunday evening half-hour of music, was the first series broadcast live over the network from the CBC Halifax studios. It ran for five weeks in June 1958, and featured Bernard Johnson as a travel agent who dreamed of exotic places in the world that he would like to go. The locations and times that he imagined--such as a Cape Breton ...

Original Airdates1958



Juliette Like Holiday Ranch, Don Messer's Jubilee, and Country Hoedown, Juliette's show employed a strict and extremely modest programming format. The basic set represented the star's living room, and the repetition from week to week of a pattern that conveyed easy familiarity to her audience. Although a showy platinum blonde, she dressed with more show than gla ...

AkaThe Juliette Show
Original Airdates1956-1966

Junior Magazine

Junior Magazine Junior Magazine actually began as Children's Magazine on Sept. 25, 1955. By Dec. 4 the title changed to Junior Magazine. A sixty minute digest of information and entertainment for young viewers, Junior Magazine presented a selection of short film features and interviews each week. Host John Clark introduced ten minute films on a variety of subjects, ...

AkaChildren's Magazine; Holiday Edition; Summer Magazine
Original Airdates1955-1962

Junior Talent

Frank Heron, also the host of Small Fry Frolics, hosted this summer talent show for children ages four to fifteen, produced in Montreal.

Original Airdates1956

Junior Television Club

Junior Television Club A program with a magazine format produced in Vancouver, it replaced Hidden Pages on the CBC. The show, for children ages nine to thirteen, had five hosts, all children themselves, and each had a different area of concentration. Graham Phillips interviewed other children about their hobbies; Gregory Helem had a segment on pet care; Averil Campbell modera ...

AkaJunior TV Club
Original Airdates1957

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