Fun Time


Frank Heron was Captain Frank of the Fun Time Showboat in this thirty minute show for children produced in Montreal. The show also starred two children, Alan Jack and June Mack, and featured magician Tom Auburn and Otto Muller and his orchestra. The show started with juggling or magic or a circus act. Alan and June also showed viewers games that they co ...

Original Airdates1956-1957

Fur or Feathers

Ian McTaggart Cowan showed live animals in this fifteen minute program for children produced in Vancouver.

Original Airdates1955-1956

G.E. Puppet Commercials on Showtime

G.E. Puppet Commercials on Showtime Richard Williams and Richard Brown's Cartoon Marionettes had made a couple of appearances on "The Big Revue." The exposure led to the people from McLaren Advertising to commission them to build two special puppets (a housewife puppet and a professor puppet) to do TV commercials for General Electric on Sunday night's "Showtime." Each Sunday for three ...

Original Airdates1952-1955

Game Country

Paul St. Pierre, journalist and writer of the Cariboo Country series, was the host of this nature series, produced in Vancouver. The half-hour broadcast consisted of reports, interviews, and film on outdoor life in British Columbia, with St. Pierre and his guests, who included authorities on science and hunting.

Original Airdates1958

Golden Age Players, The

The title of this half-hour show referred to a name for the Elizabethan era. Like the theatre of that period, this show featured child actors, who performed plays for young television viewers.

Original Airdates1957


Graphic was a thirty minute magazine-style show. The CBC had taken its cameras and microphones outside the studios and into the streets for remote broadcasts for several years, but Graphic attempted to make the spontaneity and immediacy of that approach and essential part of television broadcasting. In format and aim, it emulated such U.S. programs as S ...

AkaFord Graphic
Original Airdates1956-1957

Guess My Story

Guess My Story was a precursor of Front Page Challenge. This quiz show from Toronto featured a chairman and four guests, one of whom had played a part in a recent news story. The three panelists had to guess, through a series of questions, who the challenger and what the story were. Guests were brought from all parts of the country and, if they might be ...

Original Airdates1954

Guest Stage

Guest Stage was a CBC summer series from Montreal in which radio or stage directors presented television productions of their own choice.

Original Airdates1956

Guilty or Not Guilty

In this thirty minute panel game show for Sunday afternoons, lawyer Duncan Crux presented a case to a jury, which also saw a version of the trial acted out before it. They jury and the viewers then had the opportunity to make a verdict and compare theirs to the actual verdict in the case.

Original Airdates1958-1959

Hans in the Kitchen

Hans in the Kitchen German-born Hans Fread was Canadian television's first TV chef, hosting an 18-month weekly prime-time half hour cooking show on CBLT Toronto and then a 24-month series for CHCH-TV Hamilton. Fread also wrote a cooking column for the Toronto Telegram. The show was known as "Good Eating" for the first couple of weeks. Hans didn't stick to kitchen matte ...

AkaGood Eating
Original Airdates1953-1956


Happyland originally aired in Winnipeg in 1957 as a five-week music and variety series. It featured a nine piece band conducted by Jake Park. Each week, guest artists, both instrumental and vocal, appeared. The atmosphere of the old-time park band concerts was re-created both through the music and through the sets. Irv Stein, as a popcorn vendor, introd ...

Original Airdates1957;1959-1960

Haunted Studio

Haunted Studio was a half-hour musical variety show which used a set that was virtually empty, sparsely decorated with ladders, stools, and only the most perfunctory of furniture or props to suggest settings for the performances.

Original Airdates1954

Here and There

Here and There was a public affairs show in a documentary style, covering a wide variety of subjects, designed to introduce Canadians to different parts of the country. Originating from regional stations and utilizing on location filming, this series was carried by twenty stations across Canada. Contributors to episodes produced by CBHT included Bill Ha ...

Original Airdates1955-1958

Here's Duffy


Here's Duffy This half-hour of music and comedy showcased Jack Duffy. Duffy earned a summer replacement series in the Saturday night, pre-national news slot, in 1958. The network renewed the show for the 1958-59 season and put it into a Friday evening time slot. Supporting Duffy on his show were Jill Foster and the Crescendoes, a singing quartet of two men and tw ...

Original Airdates1958-1959

Here's South Alberta

Here's South Alberta In Here's South Alberta, news editor Norm Young wrote and presented profiles of 13 leading southern Alberta towns

Original Airdates1957


First broadcast in 1955 and lasting at least ten years, the Canadian weekly Heritage was a potpourri program on religious issues. A cross-section of religious denominations in Canada was represented in Heritage - Anglican, Roman Catholic, United Church, Presbyterian, Jewish, Baptist, Eastern Orthodox and Lutheran. With full script approval of the Nation ...

AkaThe Church In Canada
Original Airdates1955-?

Hidden Pages


Hidden Pages The first regular dramatic presentation for children produced in CBC studios was Hidden Pages, with Beth Gillanders as hostess. Hidden Pages started as a fifteen minute broadcast from Toronto, later expanded into a half-hour, and, from 1956, originated in Vancouver. The program was developed as a means of encouraging children to read and to use the p ...

Original Airdates1954-1959

Hobby Corner

In Hobby Corner, a fifteen minute broadcast from Winnipeg, Glynne Morris discussed and demonstrated hobbies such as bird watching, fly tying, judo, and radio controlled toy boats with guest experts. The program was originally titled The Hobby Show, but was retitled to Hobby Corner after a few episodes.

AkaThe Hobby Show
Original Airdates1957-1960

Hobby Show, The

The Hobby Show provided advice to homemakers, and lasted only for two broadcasts in the first weeks of television broadcasts from Toronto.

Original Airdates1952

Hobby Workshop

Hobby Workshop Tom Martin, who was the assistant supervisor of art for the Toronto Public Schools system, provided instructions and supervision for children on how to make things with simple tools. Hobby Workshop focused on the use of practical materials available in the home. Tom Martin was able to use his skills as an art educator to organize the activities of bo ...

Original Airdates1953-1955

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