Pick the Stars


Pick the Stars aimed to provide a showcase for new talent, but also to be an entertaining half-hour of acts that ranged from singers and dancers to instrumentalists and circus-style acts. The season was organized in six cycles of six programs, in which the final show of every cycle was a semi-final, the winner receiving five hundred dollars. Competi ...

Original Airdates1954-1957

Pictures Please

Pictures Please was a 15-minute feature for young children with Diana Ferris of Ottawa as hostess. It aired Monday afternoons on the CBC.

Original Airdates1956

Pieces of Eight

This fifteen minute show for children featured songs and tales of pirates and seafaring. Ranzo the Pirate from the crew of the Black Avenger, told stories of the high seas, and the Chantymen, a vocal quartet, yo-ho-hoed.

Original Airdates1958-1959

Planet Tolex

Planet Tolex was an alternate planet; it revolved at exactly the same speed as Earth, but was always hidden from our view because it was located on the other side of the sun. The program presented the adventures of Bricol and Lexo and their friends from Tolex.

Original Airdates1953-1954

Platter Patter

Platter Patter was a local program from CHCT in Calgary in which pre-released discs were played. A panel of four predicted which would be hit tunes. According to Billboard, the panel had been right 85% of the time. The prophets include guest panelists, like Miss Calgary Stampeder Mary McLaughlin, and the station's bright staffers: Barry Nicholls, Ron Ch ...

Original Airdates1957-1958


Playbill was the first half-hour drama series on the CBC. It started in the summer season, but the title was later used for a drama program scheduled in the regular season. In 1959, Playbill began offering Canadian dramas produced outside Toronto.

AkaCBC Playbill; Ford Playbill
Original Airdates1953-1964

Playtime With Jerry

Jerry Bartell was the host of this fifteen minute program of dramatized stories for children.

Original Airdates1955-1956

Plouffe Family, The


Plouffe Family, The The Plouffe Family was a Canadian television drama about a Quebec family that first aired in the French-language on Société Radio-Canada in 1953. A year following the successful premiere of the original series, CBC programmers decided to launch an English version. The version was essentially the same as its French counterpart, though modifications w ...

AkaLa famille Plouffe
Original Airdates1953-1959

Port Watch

Captain Thomas Gilchrist took viewers on visits to the Vancouver waterfront in this half-hour program, which had a brief run in the east. On one program, he talked with diver George Unwin about deep sea salvage operations. Next, he examined fire protection in the harbour, and showed a Vancouver fireboat. The series ended with a program about hiring proc ...

Original Airdates1955

Press Conference

For provocative, unrehearsed interviews with the men and women who are making news, many Canadians had taken to listening or to watching Press Conference, which is just what its name suggests: a group of newspaper reporters quizzing a public figure on an important issue, before microphones and TV cameras rather than in a conference room. On this half ...

Original Airdates1954-1961

Pro and Con

Pro and Con was a half-hour discussion program which featured questions from the studio audience on the subject of world affairs.

Original Airdates1952

Producers' Workshop

A half-hour summer series, the plays in this series included Flesh of My Flesh, written by Mac Shoub; The Strike, by George Salverson; Big Boys Shouldn't Cry, by Ted Allan; and Pirandello's The Vise. In addition, the series featured a documentary on bees, produced at CBC Vancouver; a program on the 1837 rebellion; and a television version of the radio p ...

Original Airdates1955


Although it sometimes featured film biographies of notable figures in culture, Profile relied on interviews for its material. It featured a wide variety of important persons, including evangelist Billy Graham, photographer Edward Steichen, poet Robert Frost, Paul-Emile Cardinal Leger, historian Arnold Toynbee, arctic explorer Vilhjamur Stefansson, theol ...

Original Airdates1955-1957

Promenade Concert

For several years, the CBC broadcast on both radio and television the annual, popular Promenade Concerts held at Toronto's Varsity Arena.

Original Airdates1953-1956

Provincial Affairs

A free time, political broadcast, Provincial Affairs ran for many years on every second Wednesday, alternating with its federal counterpart, The Nation's Business. In 1969, however, the CBC gave the provinces a weekly Saturday night time slot and the feds an equivalent place on Sundays.

Original Airdates1957-?

Puppets are Fun


This weekly, fifteen minute summer show demonstrated to youngsters how to make, paint, dress, and operate puppets.

Original Airdates1955



True stories gleaned from the files of the colourful Royal Canadian Mounted Police were featured on the series, R.C.M.P. For the first time in history, adventures of the red-coated "Mounties" were seen on television. The series was based on the adventures of a three-man detachment of Mounties based at the village Shamattawa. Members of the detachment ...

AkaRoyal Canadian Mounted Police; RCMP
Original Airdates1959-1960



Radisson This series appeared on television sets in French and in English in 1957. The majority of episodes were about incidents in exploration, and relations with the Indian tribes. Interestingly enough, the details of everyday life were sometimes dealt with at length, including the construction of a winter shelter, hunting beaver, and the navigation of the ...

Original Airdates1957-1958

Re: Fraynes

This program, with the unlikely pun for a title, featured Trent and June Frayne, who interviewed sports figures in a set designed to represent the couple's recreation room. The show followed the Saturday night hockey broadcast. Starting 26 February 1955 until the end of the season, the show was known simply as The Fraynes.

AkaThe Fraynes
Original Airdates1954-1955


Reflections A fifteen minute program of music for strings produced in Halifax, and broadcast on stations in Atlantic Canada, Souvenirs expanded to a half-hour, changed its name to Reflections, and graduated to the national CBC network in 1960. The centre of the show was the orchestra, with arrangements and conducted by Gordon MacPherson of the Maritime Conservatory ...

Original Airdates1959-1962

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