Once Upon A Hamster (Series) (1995-1996)

Once Upon A Hamster
Storyman returns in this series to tell entertaining stories about the adventures of Hammy the Hamster and his Riverbank pals including Martha Mouse, GP Guinea Pig, Turtle and many more.

Paul Sutherland .... Storyman, Hammy (voices)
Peggy Mahon .... Martha Mouse, Granny Rabbit (voices)
Cliff Braggins .... Wise Old Frog, Billy-Bob Ferret (voices)

Original Broadcaster(s): YTV

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byClick here to see the profile of this user oakley, June 12, 2011
all i get is 30 second trailers, a few pictures and credits, and a couple of youtube account cancelled notices. where's the shows? i just wasted an hour playing with ths stupid thing. i can't get anything to work.
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Thanks for volunteering to provide info and video for this page. I'll eagerly await your submission.

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