G.E. Puppet Commercials on Showtime (Short/Commercial) (1952-1955)

G.E. Puppet Commercials on Showtime
Richard Williams and Richard Brown's Cartoon Marionettes had made a couple of appearances on "The Big Revue." The exposure led to the people from McLaren Advertising to commission them to build two special puppets (a housewife puppet and a professor puppet) to do TV commercials for General Electric on Sunday night's "Showtime."

Each Sunday for three years, they performed in two one-minute live commercials on Showtime at $100 a performance. The puppets' faces were painted green especially for transmission in black and white.

Producer: John Aylesworth

Richard Williams .... Puppeteer
Richard Brown .... Puppeteer
Alan McFee .... The Professor (voice)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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