Lost Satellite, The (Series) (1983)

Aka: Chronicals of the Lost Satellite Network

Two hour-long episodes of the SCTV-like The Lost Satellite were broadcast on Superchannel, and on the U.S. pay-TV network Showtime. The premise of the show was that an alien civilization found a lost telecommunications satellite and programmed back to Earth what they saw fit. The result was a series of unrelated sketches, including parodies of pay-TV. One series of sketches was called Aerobosighs, where a pair of ladies pouted into the camera while a voice advised the viewer to join in and, "Breathe, Breathe." Another was a game show with the title Smells Like Walter, in which participants were asked to identify the owner of various articles of clothing. There was also a loony TV evangelist, a TV show spoof called That's A Waste Of Time, and Wide World of Sports-type show involving a gymnast who could not land a routine.

Coincidently or not, the shows were produced at Edmonton's ITV television facilities, where SCTV was also produced at one point. The series was quashed, as at the time, CRTC regulations did not allow pay-TV licensees to make their own productions. The shows were produced by Allarcom Ltd, who owned both ITV and Superchannel.

Ben Gordon
Henry Beckman
Rich Hall
Marcie Barkin
Donovan Scott
Edie McClurg
Christopher Gaze

Original Broadcaster(s): Superchannel

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I worked on these shows...would like to see them all

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