Dog House (Series) (1990-1991)

In Dog House, Shelley Peterson starred as single mom Helen Underwood, whose brother-in-law Digby was a police detective who, when killed in the line of duty, had his personality transferred to his police dog partner, a St. Bernard. In his will, Digby left the dog to his nephew, Richie Underwood, Helen's son.

The series detailed the wild adventures of the family's crime-solving pet uncle.

Shelley Peterson .... Helen Underwood
Jaimz Woolvett .... Richie Underwood
Valentina Cardinalli .... Annabelle Underwood
Barry Flatman .... Ted Sheppard
Jonathan Shapiro .... Timmy Underwood
Kay Tremblay .... Iris Slack

Original Broadcaster(s): YTV

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