Going Places (Series) (1973-1980)

Going Places was a travel quiz show in which contestants competed for fabulous trips to world-wide destinations of their choice and an array of other prizes. In the game, two couples played for travel miles, but only the winning couple got the mileage. At the end of the show, they could triple their mileage on a final question.

The program started airing in early 1973 on several individual stations and was later picked up by Global Television.

Going Places was innovative in the sense that prizes were not identified by brand name. Instead, the big donors got regular commercial spots in the program, and the station broadcasting the show agreed to delete that time from the number of commercial minutes it normally would sell.

The series was the brainchild of Toronto producer Leo Clavir and was originally produced at CFCF-TV in Montreal.

Mike Darrow .... Host
Barbara Kelly .... Assistant

Original Broadcaster(s): Global

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