Something Else (Series) (1988-1989)

When Stan (The Man) Johnson was dropped as the Maritime host of CBC-TV's Switchback, he and his sidekick Rufus the dog were hired by MITV (Maritime Independent Television Service), to produce Something Else, a half-hour children's talk show similar to Switchback. The program aired on Saturday and Sunday, and interestingly enough, ran opposite Switchback for 30 minutes each week.

The 65 episodes were also sold to DIC Enterprises who intended to distribute the series to The Family Channel in the U.S., and negotiations also took place with Global TV network to show Something Else in Ontario.

Stan (The Man) Johnson .... Host
Mark Schultz .... Auditor
Michael Dimitri .... House-band Member
John Noseworthy .... House-band Member
Larry Walker .... House-band Member

Original Broadcaster(s): MITV

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