Episode Guide - Canada 101 (Series) (1967-1968)

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Sep 18, 1967 - Students representing six Canadian universities take opposing sides of a national issue.

Oct 16, 1967 - Rev. Ernest Howse, past moderator of the United Church of Canada, Dr. I.M. Rabinowitch, former associate professor of medicine at McGill and a group of young people discuss "Should we have the right to die?"

Oct 30, 1967 - Topic is: "Are we poisoning the air we breathe?" Protagonists are Hon. Mr. Allen MacEachen, Minister of Health and Mr. Tony O'Donohue, alderman of Toronto.

Mar 11, 1968 - This is a bitter and freewheeling discussion which deeply touches on the fundamental question of whether young people can deal more effectively with the problems of today than their elders.

Apr 8, 1968 - With new Liberal leader selected, the program asks a group of political strategists and newsmen to assess the qualities of the Liberal and PC leaders as vote-getters before the electorate.

Aug 19, 1968 - Topic of discussion is whether women are equal to men and whether they want to be equal in the first place.

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