Episode Guide - A Singin' (Series) (1966-1967)

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Sep 20, 1966 - Glenda Grainger, Shawn Eliott and Diane Brooks are tonight's guests

Sep 27, 1966 - Guests are The Bitter End Singers, Marion
Williams, Eddie Hazell and Pamela Fernie.

Oct 11, 1966 - The Staple Singers, Teri Thornton and Dave Campbell join The Womenfolk in a program of gospel and spiritual music with a rock beat.

Oct 18, 1966 - Featured tonight will be The Womenfolk, The Staple Singers, Jay Jackson and Linda Andal.

Nov 1, 1966 - Amanda Ambrose is the guest. Also featured on the program will be The Bitter End Singers, three men and two women.

Nov 15, 1966 - Eddie Hazell and Bobby Martin sing folk music with the Womenfolk.

Nov 22, 1966 - Featuring The Womenfolk, Tori Thornton, Bill Smith and Linda Andal.

Dec 6, 1966 - Eddie Hazell, Bobby Martin and the Bitter End Singers are featured.

Dec 20, 1966 - Host Eddie Hazell, guitarist and singer, introduces The Company, a folk group.

Jan 3, 1967 - With new host Eddie Hazell, program will feature a new group of six singers called The Company, Gilbert Price, a young opera singer and dancer, Mike and Judy Callaghan, and Martine Dalton.

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