Head Hunter Show, The (Series) (1961-1965)

The Head Hunter Show was a live, ad libbed program from CFCN-TV in Calgary. It was the first children's show in Calgary, pre-dating even the long-running Buckshot Show. On this Monday to Friday show, kids between 6 and 13 would perform, tell jokes and celebrate birthdays. It normally ran for an hour, but many times it ran longer to ensure the station would meet its Can Con requirement. Occasionally, guests would stop by, including Will Millar of the Irish Rovers.

Host Eddie Hunter recalls a moment when a boy came up to tell a dirty riddle (apparently fed to him by an adult) which asked "How is a woman like a frying pan?" Following the punchline (and some panic in the control room), the show went to black and returned a few moments later.

Eddie Hunter .... Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CFCN

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byClick here to see the profile of this user Dagren, July 28, 2012
I too also remember being on this program as a child. Since it only was on air till 1965 and I was born in 1960 I'm assuming I must have been 5 years old to have remembered it. I thought I was 6 or 7 yrs old. Anyways, I think it was my birthday and I was there with a few friends. I remember us dressing up as chefs. I also remember us being on stage riding around on peddle cars.

I was also wondering if any of it was ever taped. Would be nice to view a clip.
byClick here to see the profile of this user bethann, February 23, 2012
It would be really cool to see this show if possible
byClick here to see the profile of this user bethann, February 23, 2012
I appeared on this show early 1960s and won a Water Wiggle for being the best twister... good memory
byClick here to see the profile of this user bukester, July 4, 2008
I appeared on this show in probably 1966 or 1967 on my Birthday. I sang a song and was awarded a box of pink popcorn. I forget the brand name of the popcorn, does anyone remember it? I would love to see a Youtube clip of this show.
Owner's reply

Was it maybe Lucky Elephant Popcorn? I would doubt any footage of the show exists at all considering it was broadcast live.

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