Dear Aunt Agnes (Series) (1986; 1989)

Agnes Peabody was a lovable 65-year-old eccentric who moved in with her pre-teen nephew and teenage niece while the children's divorced parents were off pursuing careers in far-flung locales.

The show was designed for eight to 12 year olds with a conscious effort to create a non-traditional family situation in which children are given the responsibility for a lot of their decisions.

Dear Aunt Agnes debuted on TVOntario on Tuesday, Jan 7, 1986 and was cancelled after two 13-episode seasons which aired that same year. It aired in reruns for a couple of years before returning in 1989 with new batch of episodes in which Andrew and Alex were all grown up. In this last season, the problems kids encountered reflected their age, tending to deal with issues that affect teens.

Heather Conkie .... Agnes Peabody
Bradley Phillips .... Andrew Stefanidos
Mya Rimon .... Alex Stefanidos
Victor Erdos ... Joel
Elijah Siegler .... Eddie
Bruce Tubbe .... Gary
Elias Zarou .... Mr. Stefanidos

Original Broadcaster(s): TVO

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