Try for 10! (Series) (1962)

Aka: Try for Ten!

Try for 10!
On this fast-moving quiz show, creator and host Roy Ward Dickson fired a succession of statements to contestants — and they needed to fire back their answers, that is, whether each statement was true or not true. If a contestant gave three wrong replies in a row, he or she was out. If the contestant got 10 in a row correct, they won.

A contestant might have lasted for just three questions (giving wrong answers on all of them) and be retired. Or they may have gotten a succession of rights and wrongs which might keep them in the game for some time — without either scoring three "wrongs" in succession, or without getting 10 "rights." But they had to keep their eye on the accumulating wrong answers also, because if they got 10 of them they were also out of the game. Theoretically, a contestant could last through 99 questions before finally losing.

The jackpot started at $150, and for every contestant who lost out, $50 was added until someone won. Then it started again, with another $150. Losers got $3 each for their longest succession of correct answers.

Audiences at home also got a chance to partake of the cash prizes. On every show a name was picked from a mail-drum, and the living room viewer could win up to $1,000. Dickson contacted them by phone, and they needed to make three correct judgements out of five statements he gave them.

The opening show of Try for 10! was Dickson's 4,000th broadcast — a feat accomplished on Jan. 5, 1962 at which time he was in the quiz business for 26 1/2 years.

Roy Ward Dickson .... Host
Cathy Sinclair .... Hostess

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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