Tales of the Wizard of Oz (Series) (1962)

Tales of the Wizard of Oz
Videocraft Productions of New York (later known as Rankin/Bass) used facilities at Crawley Studios in Canada to produce 130 five-minute color episodes of the Tales of the Wizard of Oz. Crawley recruited a large number of animators to turn out the Tales of The Wizard of Oz series. In fact, it was the first large-scale animation production to be attempted in Canada, and is regarded as giving the Canadian film industry impetus to establish the art of animation in this country for future TV cartoon series. Crawley did the actual physical production and voicework while Videocraft provided the creative work, designs, scripts, and soundtrack.

Carl Banas .... Dandy Lion, Various Voices
Corinne Conley .... Dorothy
Bernard Cowan .... Various Voices
Stan Francis .... Various Voices
Peggi Loder .... Various Voices
Larry D. Mann .... Rusty, Various Voices
Susan Morse .... Various Voices
James Doohan .... Various Voices
Alfie Scopp .... Socrates, Various Voices

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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Bernard "Bunny" Cowan was an announcer for the CBC (on shows like Front Page Challenge and Wayne and Shuster.) He oversaw voice recording for a number of animated series and specials, always turning to the same actors. Paul Soles, Larry Mann, Paul Kligman, Len Carlson, Peg Dixon, and others formed an ensemble that could be heard, in addition to this show, on things like Spider-Man and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

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