Bob and the Teens (Series) (1961-1963)

Bob and the Teens was a teen show seen daily Monday through Thursday on CJAY-TV in Winnipeg. The show invited four different teenage students to visit on the program every week. The four students (two boys,two girls) selected from Winnipeg High Schools participated in such activities as: Pick The Hits, will this recording be a hit or a miss?; Front Page, a five-minute educational segment where a leading story from the front pages of the previous day's newspaper was presented, and the students were questioned on that particular story; 30 Second Quiz, a news quiz question of topical interest and general knowledge; Teen Beef, where teenagers with complaints or problems wrote in, and the problem was discussed by the students on the show; What Shall I Be, a portion of the show designed to explain various professions or vocations open to students after high school graduation. People of various professions such as medicine, law and other skilled jobs appeared on the show with the students themselves questioning the guest. Another weekly segment was one set aside for school announcements, dances and various sports.

Bob Burns .... Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CJAY

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