New Adventures of Pinocchio, The (Series) (1962)

New Adventures of Pinocchio, The
Canadian actors and technicians cooperated with Japanese puppetry experts to produce this Pinocchio cartoon series for television.

The Pinocchio series was made with stringless puppets, a technique popular in Japan but which was unknown on this side of the Pacific. Dentsu Advertising Agency of Tokyo provided the puppet sequences and the U.S. provided the financing, but the voices were those of Canadian actors, the music was that of Canadian musicians and the director-producer was a Canadian, Bernard Cowan.

Canada's Board of Broadcast Governors qualified the series as "Canadian" under the "Canadian Content" rule in return for an undertaking that Videocraft International, Ltd. (later known as Rankin/Bass Productions, Inc.) would make its Tales of the Wizard of Oz cartoon series in Canada.

Bernard Cowan .... Narrator
Joan Fowler .... Pinocchio (voice)
Stan Francis .... Geppetto (voice)
Larry Mann .... Foxy Q. Fibble (voice)
Paul Kligman .... Cool S. Cat (voice)
Jack Mather .... Jiminy Cricket (voice)
Claude Rae

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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