Land and Sea (Series) (1964- )

Aka: Land & Sea

Land and Sea
Land and Sea was a half-hour public affairs program originally produced in two regions: St. John's, Newfoundland and Halifax, Nova Scotia. The show's mandate was to tell stories about the people who lived off the land and worked the resources of the sea. Today, Land and Sea covers issues that affect people in rural communities which ultimately affect those in cities as well.

CBC Newfoundland started producing and airing Land and Sea locally in 1964. At that time, the program was shot mostly in the studio with guests. In 1971, CBC Halifax launched its own local version of the program. CBC-TV cutbacks of December 1990 led to the cancellation of the two programs. Public outcry led to the shows being combined and resuscitated in 1992 as a summer series of re-packaged documentaries, airing nationally on the CBC network for 2 summers. These summer series were hosted by Gordon Pinsent and featured 6 episodes from St. John's and 6 from Halifax. The two regional production units eventually merged in 1993 to produce a full-blown revival which continues to air on the full CBC network out of Halifax, though a local version still airs on CBC Newfoundland.

Dave Quinton .... Newfoundland Co-Host (1964-1990)
Rab Carnell .... Newfoundland Co-Host (1964-1966)
Hal Andrews .... Newfoundland Co-Host (1966-?)
Des Brown .... Newfoundland Co-Host
Mike Martin .... Newfoundland Co-Host
Herb Davis .... Newfoundland Co-Host (1977-1981)
Paul Harrington .... Newfoundland Co-Host (1981-1986)
Bill Kelly .... Newfoundland Co-Host (1983-1993)
Pauline Thornhill .... Newfoundland Host (1993- )
Gerry Whelan .... Halifax Co-Host
Jim Nunn .... Halifax Co-Host
Fred Greening .... Narrator
Gordon Pinsent .... Host (Summer series) (1992-1993)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBNT,CBHT,CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user, September 21, 2012
I LOVE Land and Sea. I was born and raised in Atlantic Canada but now reside in British Columbia and although the Rockies are magnificient I still miss "home". We have satellite TV so I am able to keep up with what is happening on the east coast but on Saturday and Sunday I tune in to Land and Sea repeatedly which means that I sometimes watch the same episode several times. I love that it captures the essence of life in Atlantic Canada. There isn't another program like it so please keep up the fantastic work.

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