Movie Mania (Series) (1977)

Movie Mania was a CBC Winnipeg-produced panel series for movie buffs. Each week a panel of three faced moderator Len Klady before a live audience, introductions were made by host Lee Major, the theme was announced, and it was on with Movie Mania.

The show highlighted golden and not so golden moments from the silver screen. Discussion followed movie clips and each show featured a memory-ruffling X Cine Quiz.

Len Klady .... Moderator
Lee Major .... Host
Ann Henry .... Panelist
Judge William Marantz .... Panelist
Eddie Gilbert .... Panelist
Alice Poyser .... Panelist
Tom Ashmore .... Panelist
Ernie Mutimer .... Panelist

Original Broadcaster(s): CBWT

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