Mixed Doubles (Series) (1976-1977)

Mixed Doubles was a comedy collage that brought several traditional television comedy forms into a fresh new fast-moving, half-hour format.

The comedy pieces, written by some of the top comedy writers in Canada, were inter-connected with a domestic situation comedy rather than a host. A married couple, the only permanent members of the cast, was a real-life couple, Mary Bellows and Michael Ayoub.

During production of the series, more than 100 of the Canadian acting community were involved. Each show had six to 10 roles, which were cast after the writing had been selected.

Mary Bellows .... Regular
Michael Ayoub .... Regular

Original Broadcaster(s): Global

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If memory serves me correctly the non-domestic comedy part of mixed doubles had a lot of overlap with the cast of the later Second City TV series.

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