Episode Guide - You and the Law (Series) (1973)

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Apr 3, 1973 - "The Lawyer's Role in the Community," with guests David Bowles and R. Smethurst, Q.C.

Apr 10, 1973 - "Income Tax," with guests Jack London and Bob Goodwin.

Apr 17, 1973 - "Legal Aid," with guests Ron Meyers and Norman Larsen.

Apr 24, 1973 - "Motor Vehicle Laws," with guests A. Kerr Twaddle, QC and Wilf DeGraves.

May 1, 1973 - "Law Reform," with guests Frank Muldoon and Graeme Haig, QC.

May 8, 1973 - "Consumer Protection," with guests Harold Buchwald, QC and Charles Huband.

May 15, 1973 - "Legal Wills," with guests Allan Adams and Alan Phillips.

May 22, 1973 - "Collection of Debts," with guests John Lamont and Brian Pauls.

May 29, 1973 - "The Landlord and Tenant Act," with guests Brian Squair and Nora Goltsman.

Jun 5, 1973 - "Real Estate," with guests Rae Tayor, QC and Jack McJannel.

Jun 12, 1973 - "Criminal Law," with Harry Walsh, QC and Ken Filkow.

Jun 17, 1973 - "Family Law," with guests Myrna Bowman and Art Rich, QC.

Jun 24, 1973 - "The Courts."

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