Dialogue (Series) (1968-1990)

Aka: Pillars of Faith

Dialogue was a program seen on CBC Newfoundland for 23 years. It usually held the Sunday at noon slot, but had been shuffled around in the schedule by the station. Dialogue was not a religious program but dealt with topics in religion, about faith groups and the humanities. John O'Mara hosted for the first 11 years and Richard Beaton took over for the rest, interviewing prominent members of the community.

The original tile of the series was Pillars of Faith. Ratings were strong throughout its run, until the series ended abruptly with the CBC cutbacks of December 1990.

Dialogue was produced over the years first by Tom Cahill, then Derm Breen and later Walter Lawlor.

John O'Mara .... Host (1968-1979)
Richard Beaton .... Host (1979-1990)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBNT

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