Bail Out (Series) (1975-1976)

Bail Out was a series created, written, hosted and produced by Barry McLoughlin and Ken Shaw. It was produced at CJOH-TV in Ottawa and aired on Saturdays at 11:00 a.m. "Bail Out Airline" took off every week for adventures, antics, in-flight "movies" across Canada and around the world, comedy sketches, and weekly contests.

Bill Swaffield directed the pilot and the series.

The filmed opening featured Captain Jetlag and Officer Swappy "bailing out" of an old DC-3 - which actually never left the runway.

The theme music was a sped-up version of the Beatles' "I'll Get You".

Barry McLoughlin .... Captain Jetlag
Ken Shaw .... Officer Swappy
Bill Luxton .... Steward Alfie

Original Broadcaster(s): CJOH

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