Take Part! (Series) (1986-1990)

Aka: Puppcorn; Puppcorn Place

Take Part!
Take Part! was an afternoon kids show which premiered in 1986 on the Mid-Canada Network and aired on YTV beginning in 1988. It was hosted by Herb and Lois Walker. Segments included craft-making, cooking, and appearances by Crazy Mr. Twister.

Children on Take Part were taught how to make their own puppets out of old shoe boxes, plastic jugs and cardboard tubes. Take Part was not a puppet show in the traditional sense but an energetic mix of craftmaking, sing-a-longs and storytelling for children.

The show was an expansion of a 15-minute segment called "Puppcorn" that ran in Ontario from 1981-1985. Puppcorn was produced out of CHRO-TV out of Pembroke, Ontario.

Herb Walker .... Co-host
Lois Walker .... Co-host
Lee Karvonen .... Mr. Twister
Marke Mazeppa .... Regular
Mary Ann Kohl .... Regular
Royal Plant .... Regular

Original Broadcaster(s): YTV

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