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Nov 22, 1960 - Singers Roger Christie, Eileen Thompson, Sandra and Brenda Tisluk and Rene Adams, elecutionist Timothy Boomer, dancers Cindy Crosby and John and Brian van Wallingham, and instrumentalists Larry Parks, pianist, and Simone Zast, Leslie Bales, Laura Davis, Don Preynor, Lynn Henrie and George Bednarczyk, accordionists.

Nov 29, 1960 - The contestants will be singers Karen Anne Dane and Monica Goldberg, dancers Kathy Krywonizka, Darlene Baten, Debbie Berzuk and Darlene Saltes, acrobats Wendy Kallet and Moya-Colette Potter, and instrumentalists Kelvin Schmeichel, accordionist, Andrea Graham and Joanne Martin, piano duetists and Ken McMillan, guitarist.

Dec 6, 1960 - Contestants will include the Gilbert Despatis Konrad Junior Singers, Heidi Bender, Karen Howard, Shirley Karbonic, Joanne Konopada, Patricia Forrest and Denise Mendres; dancers Charlene McIntosh, Carol Anne Miller and Heather Mack with Ruth Wilson; instrumentalists Caroline Gadiel, pianist; Ron Wallace, violinist and Ronald Dillabough, clarinetist, and elecutionist Terry Bebchuk.

Jan 3, 1961 - The contestants will include singers Stewart Bennett and Nancy and Wendy Moir, dancers Fern Derie, Beatrice Arseniuk, Gwen Grabke, Merlene Steeves and Judy Mallette and instrumentalists Mario Cianflone, accordionist and Judith Pazdor, Pattie DeLabbio and Ruth Hilderman, pianists.

Jan 17, 1961 - Contestant will be singers Lesley Towsley and Ricky Hubka; dancers Adelaide Scalena, Penny Batulla and Ann Yauniskis and Marilyn Sedun; and instrumentalists Patricia Budd, pianist; Sandra-Marie Findlay, accordionist; Andrea Poidevin, pianist; and Barrie Creran, accordionist.

Jan 24, 1961 - This will be the grand awards show. The following will appear: instrumentalists: Jeannette LaFleche, pianist; Paulette Desaulnier and Cecile Roy, piano duettists; Mario Cianflone, accordionist; George Dednarezyk, accordionist; Dennis Kripiakevich, violinist, (last year's winner, appearing as a guest): Heidi Bender, Karen Howard, Shirley Karbonic, Joanne Konopada. Patricia Forrest, Denise Mendres, choir of six; novelty, Moya-Colette Potter, acrobat; St. Vital Y's Girls, Cheryl Davidson, Carol Jones, Barbara Sommers, Wendy Mackinnon, Shirley Booth, Cheryl Vidruk; and dancers Anna Maria and Elizabeth Magnifico.

Oct 31, 1961 - Contestants: Tappin' Trio, Ken Kulbaba, Brenda Tesluk, Yolanda Metzger, Gisele De Montigny, David Pybus, Susan Whitney, Lynda Zacharko, Barbara Laverick. Winner: six-year-old Susan Whitney (winner announced on the Nov 7 show).

Nov 7, 1961 - Fern Derie, 11, wins (winner announced on the Nov 14 show). Fern, who has been training to become a good dancer since she was about four years old, did some neat stepping to the tune of Top Hat and by placing first in the votes of the viewers proved that her training is paying off.

Nov 14, 1961 - Joanne Ferens, eight-year-old dancer from Green Oaks, Man., took top honors with her neat stepping to the tune of Blue Skies (winner announced on the Nov 21 show)

Nov 21, 1961 - Randy Benson, 10, who was a finalist on the first series of Calling All Children and was marked his third appearance on the show tonight, took first place with his violin selection.

Nov 28, 1961 - Brian Blonski, 12, who is in grade 7 at Isaac Newton school and has been playing the accordion for five years, won top award for his performance tonight.

Dec 19, 1961 - Host Bill Guest will introduce the young talented hopefuls in a "live" telecast. Entertainers from CBC Winnipeg and contestants on CBWT's Calling All Children will herald the holiday week-end with appearances at the Winnipeg's Children's Hospital. The popular half-hour talent show is now in its fourth season and this will be its third Christmas visit to the hospital.

Jan 2, 1962 - Grand Awards Program. Nine weekly winners will compete for top honors and prize money. Tap dancers Susan Whitney, Ferne Derie and Joanne Ferens; accordionist Brian Blonski; violinist Randy Benson; and vocalist Diane Berger were all individual winners during the current series. Two instrumental groups round out the weekly winners to date- piano trio Jeannette LaFleche, Marie Landry and Marie Lynn Carignan; and an accordion quintet The Playmates, (Simone Zaste, Leslie Bales, Laura Davis, Dawn Pynoo and Lynn Henric.) A final Grand Awards contestant will be determined from the Dec. 26 program.

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