Verdict Is Yours, The (Series) (1960-1961)

Experienced professional lawyers portrayed judge and counsel in the unrehearsed courtroom drama The Verdict Is Yours, Monday through Friday, on the CBC-TV network.

The lawyers prepared their briefs independently of each other, and the actors and actresses who played witnesses, the accused, and the plaintiff, were briefed on the case prior to the show. From this point on, the testimony of the witnesses and the arguments of counsel were extemporaneous.

The jury, selected from the studio audience, heard the testimony and gave its verdict at the completion of each case. Cases usually ran one week, depending on the time necessary to finish proceedings and reach a verdict.

Newsman Bill Stout acted as the courtroom reporter, supplying sidelights and background on each case.

Bill Stout .... courtroom reporter

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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