Joan and a Hundred Men (Special) (1961)

Aka: Joan and 100 Men

Singing star Joan Fairfax took an hour-long look at men on the CBC-TV network. The special program entitled Joan and a Hundred Men, was described by producer-director Norman Sedawie as a "very factual description of men, including their likes and dislikes."

Also appearing on the program was actor Eric House. Principal writers for the special were Frank Peppiatt and John Aylesworth. Bert Niosi conducted the orchestra and Brian Macdonald supervised choreography.

The show was originally scheduled to air on Nov 17, 1960 but was delayed because a sponsor had shown interest in the program.

Aired on Feb 28, 1961

Joan Fairfax .... Host
Eric House
Bert Niosi
Gordie Tapp

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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