Episode Guide - Blizzard Island (Series) (1988-1989)

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Blizzard Island
Of Necklace's and Things (Dec 11, 1988) A girl finds a magic necklace and is transported to a mysterious island.

The Battlefield Of The Gods (Dec 18, 1988) Tracey and Wayne search for a sleeping giant on Blizzard Island.

Dune Da-Dune, Dune (Dec 25, 1988) While being chased by Sidney the Witch and Sir Python, Tracey and Wayne discover that Rog is sick and that their only means of escape is Fool's Bridge.

Crystals In A Darkling Wood (Jan 1, 1989) Tracey, Wayne and Rog enter the Thicket of the Night, where they discover the source of Blizzard Island's magic. Mother: Iris Quinn.

The Secret Of The Siren's Song (Jan 8, 1989) Sir Python and Molcaster kidnap Wayne and demand a hefty ransom—the necklace of Argon.

The Bellringers Of Argon (Jan 15, 1989) Tracey and Wayne meet two creatures who tell them where the Great Argon is sleeping.

In The Heart Of The Heart Of The Stone (Jan 22, 1989) Talking stones give Tracey a clue to the whereabouts of the Great Argon, but her progress is impeded by Sidney the Witch.

The Night Of The Covered Sun (Jan 29, 1989) A solar eclipse has a strange effect on the inhabitants of the island.

The Legend Of The Last Leaf (Feb 5, 1989) The island is threatened by an everlasting winter.

The River Of The Distant Thunder (Feb 12, 1989) Uncle Eggbert helps Tracey, Wayne and Rog cross the treacherous River of Distant Thunder.

The Vale Of Fears (Feb 19, 1989) Tracey, Wayne and Rog find the Well Dreams.

When Giants Wake (Feb 26, 1989) Tracey and Wayne realize the importance of their journey.

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