Treehouse Club, The (Series) (1971-?)

Treehouse Club, The
Each week a group of children climbed the ladder to the Treehouse to be greeted by Danny and his puppet friends JoJo and Frank. The show was built around Danny Coughlan's ability as a singer and his skill in drawing. The content was based on Ted Rooney's five textbooks which deal with reading, mathematics, spelling, grammar and sensory-motor body balance exercises. The script contained many elements of cautionary wisdom and exhortations for conventional manners. Visitors included regulars such as Lisa, the mailgirl who arrived with letters to Danny. She then stayed on to demonstrate, with the children's participation, some useful physical exercises. Later in the series, on-location segments were added, e.g., Danny's interviews with Wayne Gretzky, a feature on the Blue Jays, and how to become a good baseball player. The drawing segments later included the use of computers. The program was produced by CKCO-TV.

Danny Coughlan .... Host
Peter McCowatt .... Puppeteer
Mark Hodgson .... Puppeteer

Original Broadcaster(s): CKCO

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I played JO-JO on the show and the clip on this site is quite auspicious. It was our last show. Mark Hodgson is in the Robot suit. He didn't want to be but I won the arguement. During taping of the episode we concocted a plan whereby Mark would wander out in front of everyone during Danny's last song and fall.
He did.
The robot suit broke apart, his head peice flew through the air and the entire set, including technicians in the booth laughed hysterically for minutes.
Unfortunately, The tape stopped rolling abruptly and only a few seconds of the "mishap" were caught on tape, but it truely was funny. If anyone has the full episode I suggest you try to display that final moment.
Neither Mark nor I have a copy of this episode.
byClick here to see the profile of this user smkcb, February 26, 2008
I posted what I have on youtube...
Does anyone have the intro of this show?
My friend was one of the kids who was prancing along the river heading to the tree house.

You can see the potential of an "Its Your Life" blackmail segment with that.

So, if anyone knows where or how to find it.. Please let me know! Many thanks
byLindsay, January 17, 2008
I forgot to add that I grew up in Texas. So to clarify my question - what stations in the US aired this show in the late eighties? anybody know?
byLindsay, January 17, 2008
I was born in 1987 and remember this show! very vaguely - the host would pull his guitar out of a hollow tree and talk to a puppet named JoJo. Whenever my friends and I have a 'memory lane' moment I always ask if anybody remembers this and they NEVER do!! Where could I possibly have seen this and are any of the episodes on dvd???
bylinda gouthro, January 11, 2008
I still have fragments of the song in my
Come with me we're going to the Treehouse, everybody's wecome come along with me! lol
Myself and a few of my friends sing it at work sometimes. (yes, we are in our 30's) too funny
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