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Willy and Floyd
Partial episode guide courtesy of Tom Waters.

* When song segments are listed, the entire song was featured.
* Regular film segments (Dr. Dilly, Capt. Aubrey Fatch, Hokey History, Nose to Nose) not all listed.

1976 half-season (this seems to have been a shorter starting series for the start of syndication):

1. Song segment: "Goodnight" by Jimmy Durante with Morley the mailman lip-sync as Durante, guests: two amateur magicians who perform their act

2. Song segment: "At the Storybook Ball" by Jim Kweskin and his jug band mimed by Willy, Floyd and Jerome the janitor

3. Missing episode (when YTV would get to this one, they would substitute an episode from a later seasons so I assume something happened to their copy of it, thus I don't know what it is, or have a copy of this one)

4. Song segments: "Auntie Maggie's Remedy" by George Formby with Floyd lip-sync, "I'm Satisfied with My Gal" by Jim Kweskin and his jug band (jug band composed of Willy, Floyd, and Jerome).

5. Song segment: "Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight" by Tiny Tim (Morley lip-sync). In this episode, Jerome, Willy and Floyd order pizza which is delivered by Bruno Gerussi (special guest cameo).

6. Song segment: song by Oliver Hardy taken from a Laurel and hardy short called "Beau-Hunks", a chunk of the dialogue is also re-enacted by Lye and Luxton as Laurel and Hardy. Luxton visits Floyd at the agency to try and sell him the Laurel and Hardy film just described.

7. Song segment: "Old Man River" by unidentified singer which could be William Warfield or Paul Robson (lip-sync by Morley while there is a fire in the theatre which Willy puts out). Guest: Bernie Poirer who talks to the boys about water safety. They show him a film shot outside in which they have some fun around a pool.

8. Song segment: "I'm a Woman" or "W-O-M-A-N" by female vocalist with Jim Kweskin's jug band (lip-sync by guest and "played" by jug band, Willy, Floyd and Jerome). Guest: Elsa Pickthorne.

9. Song segment: "Shake Hands" by Allan Sherman (lip-sync by Mr. Pink, a dog puppet). Guest: a teen-age film-maker who screens his film.

10. Song segment: "Ma Blushin' Rosie" by Al Jolson (lip-sync by Floyd). Guest: Sherry Lewis. Sherry comes in disguised as Rosie the cleaning lady who makes more of a mess than anything else, and Floyd pulls her wig off revealing she is Sherry Lewis (dancer, stuntwoman, singer, actress, etc.) Willy and Sherry sing "Near You" with each other, and Sherry sings "It's Not Easy Being Green" with Willy at the piano.

1976-1977 season:

1. Song segment: "Carioca" by Jonathan and Darlene Edwards (actually Jo Stafford and Paul Weston in a parody of a bad lounge act) (lip sync, Aunt Rhody and Grandma Bernice). Guests: Matilda LaFong (Les's daughter Emily Lye) the paper person and Jill the Wonder Poodle who performs some tricks.

2. Song segment: "Those Were the Days" from All in the Family by Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton (lip sync by Willy and Morley).

3. Song segment: "Sweet Georgia Brown" sung by Willy and Floyd to a record (they also "play instruments with the Poets via. a split screen effect that allows two Luxton and Lyes on the screen at the same time). Guest: Luis the contortionist who does some of his routine.

4. Song segment: "I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face" by Louis Armstrong and (I think) Ella Fitzgerald (lip sync by Mr. Pink the puppet and friend). Guest: a mime who shows a film and teaches Floyd how to be a mime. (I don't have this episode, but I still remember it!).

5. Song segment: "Dance Around In Your Bones" sung by Willy and Floyd to a record. Guest: a local singer who does a few of his songs.

6. Song segment: "My Zelda" by Allan Sherman (lip sync by Mr. Pink the puppet) Floyd tries to learn how to be a barber, and cuts Willy's hair. Willy says he wants to look like Clint Eastwood and Floyd cuts off all his hair thinking that Clint Eastwood is the actor who played Kojack (actually Telly Salvalas).

7. Song segment: "Nobody's Sweetheart Now" sung by Floyd to a record (he "plays" the violin as well).

8. Song segment: "Ain't Misbehavin'" by George Burns (lip sync by Willy). Guest: Roy Cotee, a magician who does close-up magic (card tricks, things with balls, etc.)

9. Song segment: "Looking at the World through Rose-Coloured Glasses" sung by Floyd (playing on his ukulele). Les Lye visits Willy disguised as W.C. Fields until Willy realizes who he is. Tries to sell the Laurel and Hardy series again, the same way Luxton did.

10. Song segment: "Blue Suede Shoes" by unidentified singer (lip sync by Mr. Pink the puppet). Floyd screens a montage film by a local filmmaker.

11. Song segment: "You're Driving Me Crazy" sung by Humphrey Dumphrey (close-up of Lye's mouth with fake eyes and nose pasted above it).

12. Song segment: "Button Up Your Overcoat" by Ruth Etting (lip sync by Aunt (sometimes called Grandma) Bernice). Willy and Floyd perform "Sweet Sue" by tapping glasses filled with different amounts of water. They also read some old comic strips.

13. A very strange man (a comedian?) is the guest who engages in comic routines with Willy and Floyd. He also brings along a dummy which he pretends is a real person and dresses up for a half-man half-woman act but does it the wrong way.

14. Guest: Mac Beattie, famous local singer from the Ottawa Valley. He lip-syncs two of his songs, shares memories with Willy and Floyd, and tries to sell them some overpriced records, some of which are album covers with no record inside.

15. Song segment: "Indian Love Call" by Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald (Willy and Aunt Bernice). Guest: Native entertainer who sings and tells stories to small children.

16. Guest: Jim Unger, famous cartoonist who did the "Herman" comic strip. He shows some of his work in his portfolio, draws some on the spot caricatures, talks about his background, engages in hilarious banter with Willy and Floyd, and "plays" "For Me and My Gal" on the piano with boxing gloves on while Willy and Floyd sing along with the recording.

17. Song segment: "Number One Fan" by unidentified singer (lip sync by Aunt Bernice). Guests: local magicians and their assistant.

18. Song segment: a medley of hoe-down songs sung and "played" by Willy and Floyd. Guest: child step-dancer who performs a few dances.

19. Anti-smoking episode. Willy and Floyd screen an anti-smoking cartoon, and Lye shows up as a nameless character who can't stop coughing because he smoked for so many years. He looks like an older man, but states that he is only in his '20's.

20. Song segment: "Is It True What They Say About Dixie" played on banjo by Eddie Peabody (banjo-sync by Floyd). Guest: Rich Little's impressionist brother, Fred Little, who entertains some small children.

21. Willy and Floyd set up a phone service wherein people can call in and hear a joke told by Willy or Floyd, but the phone lines get mixed up with their business lines causing embarrassment.

22. Song segment: "Play a Simple Melody" sung by Willly and Floyd to a backing track to which they pretend to play piano and trumpet. Two boys, tiddlywinks champions, arrive to challenge Floyd to a tiddlywinks match.

23. Vaudeville Vanities episode in which Willy and Floyd put on an old-fashioned vaudeville show. Song segments: "When the Circus Comes to Town" by Jimmy Durante (lip sync by Morley), "Spaniard that Blighted My Life" by Stanley Holloway (lip sync by Harry Higgenbottem, a twin relative of Willy's).

24. Song segment: "Rubber Ducky" by Ernie from Sesame Street (lip sync by Floyd in a bathtub, getting ready for the bathtub races). Guest: female impersonator who performs as Phyllis Diller.

25. Vaudeville Vanities episode. Song segment: "I Wanna Be Loved By You" by Jonathan and Darlene Edwards (actually Jo Stafford and Paul Weston in a parody of a bad lounge act) (lip sync, Aunt Rhody and Grandma Bernice) (Aunt Rhody and Aunt Bernice segment). Guest: Jay the juggler who does his act and tries to teach Willy how to juggle.

26. Vaudeville Vanities episodes (kid's edition). Theatre is filled with small children. Song segments: "Baby-Sittin' Boogie" by Buzz Clifford (Mr. Pink the pupet and friend), "I Love Onions" by Susan Christie with lip sync by Matila LaFong (Emily Lye) and the poets. Other guests are kids who are part of many of the acts.

1977-1978 season:

1. Song segment: "You Made Me Love You" by George Burns done for laughs (lip sync by Willy and Floyd "leads" the orchestra). With this episode, Floyd paints the agency walls orange (they were blue), and they get a new stage with a gold arch and huge paintings of Willy and Floyd on the back wall of the stage. The opening of the show changes too, and now features Lye, Luxton and their characters looking at the front of the theatre, fixing up the sign, etc.

2. Song segment: "Up a Lazy River" sung by Willy and Floyd to a record. Guest: filmmaker who shows some films.

3. Song segment: "Bonaparte's Retreat" sung by Willy and Floyd to a record. Floyd "plays" the bedsprings as an instrument.

4. Guest: Song segment: "Little Eefin Annie" lip-sync by Mr. Pink the puppet and his puppet friend.

5. Song segment: "Swanee" by Al Jolson (lip sync by Les Lye, half in blackface and half in whiteface and he turns from side to side). Lye shows up dressed in cowboy outfit with a moustache and talks to Floyd via. split screen, also sings "Vo-de-o-do" with him, both with ukulele.

6. Song segment: Floyd "plays" a banjo instrumental while sitting in his chair.

7. Song segment: "Glow Worm" by Spike Jones (lip sync by Willy and Aunt Bernice). Guest: Matilda LaFong (Emily Lye) who lip syncs another song.

8. Song segment: "Chloe" by Spike Jones (lip sync by Willy and Floyd).

9. Song segment: "Moonlight on the Ganges" (Aunt Rhody and Aunt Bernice segment).

After this, YTV would skip ahead in the syndication package to the hotel episodes. However, I am assuming that there was likely a full season here which they only purchased the first 9 or so episodes of. Likewise, I am assuming there was a full 1978-1979 season but the only thing I can confirm is that, by the time I tuned into CFPL's run of Willy and Floyd, they were showing the last group of talent agency episodes which had a 1979 production date at the end, and by this time, Willy and Floyd's talent agency, looked more like a living room, with chairs and a sofa, Floyd wore sunglasses instead of his regular ones, and the stage was pretty much the same. These were the episodes that featured a running Star Wars parody along with the other regular features. I saw at least 10 of these episodes, and I have a bit of the last episode on tape. It was a flashback episode wherein many clips from old episodes were shown as Willy and Floyd reminisced. I remember that the episode before this one was a Vaudeville Vanities show with Sherry Lewis as a guest.

Following this, the production of the series stopped and didn't resume again until a 1981 series was made. In the first episode of this new season, Willy and Floyd receive a memo stating that their talent agency is going to be torn down, but they get it late so the building collapses with them in it. We next see a shot of Willy and Floyd standing outside amidst the rubble of their building, wiping off soot and such. They then open their computer business, called the Wily and Floyd computic, and the series focuses around this. I am guessing it wasn't too successful as it was only produced during 1981. Curiously, Floyd mentioned that they were going back to their old computer business, which insinuates that they might have done a series there long ago, before the talent agency, but I have no idea. These shows were very strange and I remember little about them except Margaret Trudeau played a spy in one, I think Christine "Moose" Glade was in one (from YCDTOT) and Jim Unger had a cameo in another. The computer filled an entire room and Willy and Floyd would push buttons on it and things would happen. There was a small lobby outside the computer room also.

Willy and Floyd didn't resurface until the 1984-1985 year, in which they operated a hotel called the Willy and Floyd Arms. I think this only lasted a year as well, but the episodes were aired quite a bit. The set was lavish, with a full hotel lobby, elevators, rooms, a front desk, etc. The atmosphere of the show by this point was quite different, and was more of a children's situation comedy with old and new characters played more cartoonish. Christine had a cameo in one of these and there was a few other guests like Holly LaRoque (who had also been in some of the later agency episodes), Elsa Pickthorne and Alanis Morrisette. The hotel episodes may have lasted until 1989

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