Episode Guide - Pasquale's Kitchen Express (Series) (1988-1992)

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Pasquale's Kitchen Express
The following is an incomplete list of episodes including the dish prepared.

Steamed-clams Florentine; duck steak; turnip/anise casserole; green salad.

Cream of veal soup; rabbit casserole; potatoes with onion and red cabbage; banana/apple flambe.

Fettuccine with cream/mushroom sauce; beef tenderloin; salad with shrimp; green apples with lemon sauce.

Steamed mussels with spinach; pork-back ribs; cabbage with onion and red pepper; pear/banana flambe.

Farfalle with mushrooms; lamb with tomato paste, wine; potatoes with onion, peppers; fruit panettone.

Spaghettini with snails and wine; veal chops with mushrooms; red cabbage with walnuts; panettone with passion fruit.

Risotto with mussels and cream; veal sausages; celery/tomato salad; strawberries and blueberries.

Baked rigatoni Bolognese; grilled lamb chops; red-cabbage salad; pears and grapes.

Rotini with bacon; lamb chops with lobster; green salad; pineapple with natural sauce.

Turkey/vegetable soup; New York steak; chef's salad; pineapple.

Trinette with shrimp and artichoke; veal casserole; cabbage salad; apricot flambe.

Tortellini with cream; chicken filets; green salad; bananas with natural sauce.

Spaghetti with shrimp and cream sauce; Italian sausages; steamed potatoes; pears with currant sauce.

Fettuccine with clams; veal medallions with eggplant; red-cabbage salad; melon flambe.

Tortellini with ham; beef tenderloin with passion fruit; zucchini with oregano; lettuce with anchovies.

Battered fillet of sole; minestrone; green soup; honeydew.

Stuffed turkey cutlets; cream of seafood soup; green salad.

Poached salmon; dandelion/fava bean soup; green-bean salad; apricots with caramel sauce.

Bocconcini, chicken, mushrooms; lobster tails; green salad; bananas, pecan/lime sauce.

Orange roughy; cauliflower with cheese sauce; cream of mushroom soup; cantaloupe with dates.

Turkey breast alla marinara; dandelion saute; cream of spinach soup; cantaloupe with pecan/raisin syrup.

Cream of salmon/garlic soup; sauteed haddock fillets; chef salad; potato casserole.

Fettuccine with clam/red sauce; liver steak; green salad; peaches with walnuts and apples.

Spaghettini with pink clams; chicken piccata; lettuce with pistachios; chocolate-chip panettone.

Shrimp with leeks, wine; chicken consomme; chef's salad; flamed melon.

Radiatore with oysters, mushrooms; beef tenderloin; baby carrots; antipasto.

Peas with pancetta and onion; spaghettini with oysters; chicken with truffles.

Green salad with tomatoes; pear/almond flambe; shells with olive/artichoke sauce; swordfish with wine sauce.

Shrimp/vegetable soup; sauteed pork sausages; chef's salad; potato steak.

Mixed salad; green spaghetti with crab meat; squid with prosiutto.

Salad with mortadella; linguine with smoked salmon; lamb chops with horseradish.

Green salad with anchovies; pasta with meat sauce; chicken scallopine.

Green salad with garlic dressing; meatballs; veal and prosciutto.

Cabbage salad with pistachio; egg-drop soup; beef stew with wine.

Risotto with pink clams; veal chops with mushrooms; lettuce with pistachios; omelet with cheese, asparagus; panettone with fruit.

Spaghetti with prosciutto; salmon steak with lemon sauce; potatoes with peppers; chef's salad.

Tortellini with walnuts; scallops piquante; potatoes with cream and cheese; green salad.

Shells with tuna; pork and chicken steak; potatoes with peppers and cheese; cantaloupe and grape flambe.

Spaghetti with meat sauce and peppers; whiting with capers; red cabbage; marinated strawberries.

Risotto with meat sauce; shark steaks; radicchio salad; peach, apple and date flambe.

Risotto with white clam sauce; stuffed veal cutlets; fruit with whipped cream.

Pan risotto with lobster; chicken with shrimp; red cabbage with zucchini; panettone with pineapple.

Capelli d'angelo, smoked salmon; veal cavaliere; scallops, cipollata; lettuce/radicchio, smoked oysters.

Spaghettini with mushrooms; Boston blue fish; chicken with pine seed, saffron; chef's salad.

Sauteed clams with garlic, wine; pork loin with mushrooms; fusilli; pear flambe.

Pan risotto with clams, sun-dried tomatoes; chicken with mushrooms; potatoes and peppers; strawberries with whipped cream.

Pan risotto with blue cheese; turkey with mushrooms; vegetable antipasto; fruit panettone.

Tri-color pasta with crab meat; steak with mushrooms, shallots; radicchio with pine nuts; poached eggs.

Insalata di cavoli salad; melon flambe; canestrini with zucchini; quail with mushroom sauce.

Green salad with cheese; pasta/potato soup; pork with apples.

Spinach spaghetti with cooked ham; veal medallions; green salad with shrimp.

Pasta e fagioli; veal with wine and cream sauce; tomato sauce.

Green fettuccine/blue cheese; fillet of trout cremolata; cabbage/prosciutto; strawberries.

Cream of broccoli soup; chicken with mushrooms; potatoes with onions; banana/pear flambe.

Linguine, mussels; veal, gorgonzola; romaine lettuce salad; steamed potatoes, peppers.

Pasta with scallop sauce; stuffed hamburger steak; garlic bread; steamed vegetables.

Cream of mushroom/broccoli soup; chicken breast; zucchini/eggplant casserole; radicchio salad.

Spaghettini with shrimp and anchovies; chicken fillets; broccoli and cauliflower; honey dew.

Pan risotto with cardinal ragout; fillets of sole with green onions; cabbage with horseradish dressing.

Radiatore with ham, tomato sauce; tuna with wine, olive oil; chef's salad; potatoes with basil, tomatoes.

Cornish hen with mushrooms; oysters with shallots; linguine; pear flambe.

Cream of mushroom soup; pork loin with wine; cabbage with bacon; banana/apple flambe.

Pea/rice soup with ham; Italian hamburgers; bruschetta; panzanella.

Capelli d'angelo, mushrooms; halibut/tarragon marinata; turkey, apple/walnut cremolata; panettone, bananas.

Rotini with tuna; veal with pesto; broccoli saute; fresh fruit Bohemian.

Bisque of salmon; beef tenderloin; fritters; tomatoes and cucumbers.

Radiatore with cuttlefish; stuffed chicken cutlets; cabbage with bacon, onions; strawberries with pistachios.

Cream of leek and potato soup; tuna salad plate; ham, cheese and pepper omelet.

Ravioli, tomato/mushroom sauce; cod fillets; potato/cabbage, basil; pineapple, grape syrup.

Radiatore with olives, lobster; rainbow trout; chicken; panettone with strawberries.

Pan risotto with mushrooms; rainbow trout; tenderloin with walnuts; chef's salad.

Mussels with garlic, wine; pork loin with onions, mushrooms; spaghettini; cherry flambe.

Spring lamb with mushrooms; king crab legs; spaghetti; chocolate-chip panettone.

Spaghettini with green peppers; veal chops with olive/eggplant sauce; cauliflower salad.

Red-cabbage salad; peach flambe; penne with ham; tuna with marinara sauce.

Belgian endive jardiniere; trinette with shrimp; breaded veal chops.

Spaghetti with green peppers; flounder with pine nuts; salad with artichoke hearts.

Chickpea soup with croutons; turkey with mushroom/cream sauce; salad with cantaloupe.

Rice/potato soup; pickerel with shallots; salad with olives; fig/walnut flambe.

Spaghetti with veal ragout; shrimp with Thai sauce; grilled chicken; escarole with red onions, tomatoes.

Fettuccine with Italian sausage; sole with mushroom sauce; green salad; pineapple with syrup.

Spaghettini with squid sauce; chicken with brandy sauce; shrimp/avocado salad; potatoes and leeks.

Fusilli with liver and tomato sauce; eggplant with cheese sauce; green salad; turnips with maple syrup.

Boccongini with cream and parsley; mackerel with leeks; chef's salad.

Spaghetti with oysters, mushrooms; quail with mushrooms; cod with lemon, butter; chef's salad.

King crab legs with brandy; turkey with shallots; rotini alla Don Pasquale; chocolate-chip panettone.

Linguine with shrimp, mushrooms; chicken meatballs; lettuce salad; bananas/honeydew with maple syrup.

Spaghetti with sun-dried tomatoes; salmon with curry, lemon; cantaloupe; vegetable salad.

Spinach fettuccine with shrimp; pork chops; tomato salad; banana flambe.

Cream of tuna soup; veal with mushroom sauce; green salad with grapefruit.

Risotto with mushrooms; veal with wine/vegetable sauce; green salad with almonds.

Rigatoni with mussels; turkey with oyster/mushroom sauce; cucumber salad; cantaloupe with walnut sauce.

Crab-meat soup with pasta; seafood casserole; chef's salad; fruit with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Penne rigate with chicken liver ragout; salmon steaks; Italian sausages; red cabbage with anise.

Mafalda with smoked salmon; chicken with mushrooms; potato/leek casserole; banana flambe.

Fresh rigatoni with bacon; pork with mustard; sauteed turnips; antipasto.

Cream of leek soup; cauliflower with bacon and tomatoes; turkey with mushrooms; pear/grape flambé.

Cream of tomato soup; chicken paillard; sauteed peas and mushrooms; cabbage with onions and apples.

Fresh fettuccine with artichokes; salmon with mustard/wine sauce; cabbage salad; cherry flambe.

Pan-grilled ground veal; linguine with rabbit; red snapper with olives; quail with sun-dried tomatoes; panettone with cantaloupe.

Farfalle with clams, mussels; Cornish hen; oysters with shallots, wine; chocolate-chip panettone.

Green fettuccine with shrimp, sun-dried tomatoes; red snapper with sage; cabbage with ham; fresh strawberries.

Linguine with artichoke and mushrooms; tiger shrimp Provencal; green salad with oranges.

Green salad with mayonnaise; risotto with shrimp; pork piccata with eggplant.

Cabbage salad with pineapple; tortellini; lobster-stuffed cuttlefish.

Linguine with tuna; quail with grape sauce; garlic bread; rapine with red pepper.

Rotini with shrimp; turkey with mushrooms; chef's salad; cantaloupe flambe.

Bean/potato soup; sauteed fillet of sole; salad with walnuts.

Cream of clam soup; calf liver with onion/green peppers; tomatoes and cucumbers with basil dressing.

Spaghettini alla carbonara; red snapper with wine; Italian red-leaf lettuce.

Lentil/vegetable soup; lobster with tarragon sauce; salad jardiniere.

Cream of asparagus soup; roast leg of lamb; potatoes with onion, basil; peach/grape flambe.

Risotto with bacon, tomato and cream sauce; pork tenderloin; potato/broccoli casserole; fruit with whipped cream.

Pan risotto, smoked salmon; New York steaks; escarole, anchovies; catfish, pine nuts.

Spinach salad with cheese; linguine with garlic; chicken with mortadella.

Salad with mortadella.

Rice/bean soup; chicken with wine; green salad with olives.

Ravioli with mushroom/cream sauce; grilled salmon steak; fritters; green salad.

Spaghetti alla cardinal; New York beef steak; green salad; pineapple and cantaloupe.

Baked penne with mushroom/cream sauce; grilled fillet of trout; Brussels sprouts; strawberries with cream and chocolate.

Spaghetti with squid and asparagus; grilled pork chops; potatoes with onions; cheese/mushroom omelet.

Risotto with clam sauce; veal piccata; chef's salad; bananas and dates.

Endive salad; apricot flambe; pasta with lobster; lamb chops with wine sauce.

Veal chops; potatoes with onion/peppers; cantaloupe.

Lobster tails with tarragon/cream sauce; asparagus with ham; pear/orange flambe.

Squid appetizers; quail medallions; cucumbers with oregano dressing; apricots with blackberry sauce.

Clam/vegetable soup; grilled lobster tail; chef's salad; pear, apple and almond flambe.

Ravioli with vegetables; pork loin chops spinach salad; strawberry with cognac.

Mussels with garlic, onion; spring lamb with mushrooms; farfalle; kiwi flambe.

Honeydew with caramelia sauce; turkey with marjoram and brandy sauce; sauteed broccoli.

Fettuccine with blue cheese; turkey steaks; tomato salad; fried bananas.

Spaghetti with mussels; veal with eggplant and cream sauce; green salad.

Cauliflower salad with olives; snails in mushroom caps; ground steak with wine.

Cabbage salad with fennel; gnocchi with tomato sauce; pork tenderloin with wine sauce.

Romaine-lettuce salad; fettuccine with squid; spareribs with honey/wine sauce.

Linguini with crab meat; veal sausages; spinach with garlic; melon with walnuts.

Rotini with shrimp and mushrooms; lamb cutlets; broccoli with cheese sauce; bananas with lemon sauce.

Linguine with basil; turkey with green peppers; vegetable saute; apricot/grape flambe.

Linguine and ham with cream sauce; pork chops; sauteed zucchini; chef's salad.

Cream of broccoli soup; beef tenderloin; green salad.

Cappelletti with tomatoes; scallops with paprika sauce; green salad with grapes.

Pasta with crab meat; chicken filets with tomato/shrimp sauce; green salad; strawberries and bananas.

Linguine with bacon and brandy; chicken fillets; chef's salad; banana, walnut and grape flambe.

Veal/vegetable soup; perch with basil and tomato sauce; green salad; sauteed green beans.

Green salad with olive dressing; pineapple/banana flambe; ravioli with cream sauce; tiger shrimp.

Green salad with beans; risotto with artichokes; calf liver with peperonata.

Salad with red peppers; chicken/vegetable soup; red snapper with pine nuts.

Fusilli with squid; turkey; garden salad; pineapple flambe.

Green pasta with shrimp; ground veal steaks; cauliflower with cheese sauce; pear/kiwi flambe.

Clam/potato soup; grilled quail; potato casserole; honey dew, apple and almond flambe.

Fettuccine with prosciutto; rainbow trout and clams; potatoes with anise; chef's salad.

Linguine with white clam sauce; ham steak with grape sauce; sauteed peppers and onions.

Spaghettini with crab meat; top sirloin steak with mushrooms; cabbage with zucchini; omelet with lemon marmalade.

Jumbo shells with artichokes; chicken with shrimp; green salad; peaches with strawberry-jam sauce.

Penne with tomatoes and bacon; turkey with almond/mushroom sauce; potatoes with cabbage.

Tortellini with bacon, tomatoes; veal with oregano, mushrooms; peas with onion, garlic; lettuce with smoked oysters, olives.

Rigatoni with mushrooms; tuna with cream/caper sauce; green salad; bananas with raspberry-jam sauce.

Pasta/broccoli soup; grilled New York steak; zucchini/mushroom casserole; fruit cocktail.

Pan risotto with smoked salmon; turkey with mushrooms; carrots with onions, peppers; panettone with peaches.

Caesar salad; lobster/vegetable soup; chicken with mushrooms.

Fresh tagliatelle; shrimp and veal; cabbage salad; pineapple with grape-jam sauce.

Baked cheese cannelloni; chicken with mushrooms; green salad.

Tortellini with tomatoes; filet mignon; endive with anchovy sauce; cantaloupe.

Ravioli with vegetables; turbot steak; heart of lettuce; honeydew melon with caramel sauce.

Spaghetti with anchovy/tomato sauce; beef medallions; chef's salad; banana/strawberry flambe.

Risotto with artichoke and mushrooms; filet of sole; potatoes and leeks; green salad.

Salad with zucchini; peach flambe; crab soup; chicken with mushroom sauce.

Beef consomme; turkey with pepper sauce; tomato/cucumber salad; pineapple with currant sauce.

Rotini with mushrooms; steak of rabbit; green salad; fruit with zabaglione.

Spaghetti with garlic; grilled Cornish hens; zucchini casserole; fruit flambe.

Penne with mushrooms; veal chops; green salad; banana/kiwi flambe.

Lobster medallions; tortellini alla cognac; lettuce salad; melon with cherry sauce.

Yellow pepper/tomato salad; banana/date sauce; rigatoni with ricotta; cod with leeks, wine.

Savoy cabbage with wine; linguine with broccoli; veal cutlet parmigiana.

Tiger shrimp with oregano/garlic sauce; cauliflower with prosciutto; fruit flambe.

Spaghetti with shrimp; salmon steaks with shallots; cabbage with prosciutto; potatoes with onions, parsley.

Green salad with salmon/capers; cabbage/potato soup; Cornish hens.

Green salad with crab meat; tortellini with tomato sauce; veal cutlets.

Ravioli with bacon, tomatoes; pork steaks with mushrooms; sauteed peppers and onions; lettuce salad with smoked salmon.

Rice/shrimp antipasto; turkey with mushrooms; zucchini Provencal.

Rigatoni with seafood sauce; veal with mushroom sauce; asparagus with cheese sauce; honeydew melon.

Fusilli with crab meat; swordfish steaks; green salad; pears with pistachio sauce.

Pasta with eggplant; ground pork steak; green salad; crepes with orange sauce.

Turkey piccata; steamed potatoes; macaroni/cabbage soup; green salad.

Radiatore with sun-dried tomatoes; pork ribs; shrimp with garlic; lettuce with cucumbers.

Capelli d'angelo, anchovies; duckling, orange; radicchio, olives; seafood, fennel, wine.

Pan risotto with prosciutto; veal steak alla cacciatore; salad with olives and walnuts; frittata with asparagus.

Fettuccine with smoked salmon; lamb casserole; vegetable antipasto; fruit panettone.

Fettuccine with blue cheese; pork steak alla parmigiana; panettone with cantaloupe.

Linguine with broccoli sauce; turkey thighs; green salad; bananas with pecan/lemon sauce.

Pan risotto with clams; lamb chops with juniper sauce; red cabbage with anise; panettone with honeydew, passion fruit.

Pasta/potato soup; pork with juniper; cabbage with prosciutto; strawberries with grape sauce.

Fusilli with shrimp; breaded turkey fillet; sauteed potatoes; pear flambe.

Stuffed green peppers; shrimp piccata; white pizza; zucchini with oregano.

Tuna with avocado/pear antipasto; veal tenderloin; pan pizza; green salad.

Jumbo shells with mushroom and meat sauce; sauteed rainbow trout; anise/potato casserole; mixed salad.

Cream of asparagus soup; steamed quails; turnip, potato casserole; fruit with wine syrup.

Rigatoni with red pepper and cream sauce; turkey steaks; potato casserole; chef's salad.

Spaghetti with sausage sauce; chicken breasts; mixed vegetables; green salad.

Boccongini with chicken liver; salt cod with almonds; cauliflower salad; fruit cup.

Eggplant antipasto; salt cod; steamed vegetables; fruit with wine syrup.

Fettuccine with peppers and shrimp; salt cod with pecan/cream sauce; cabbage with almonds; honey dew with maple syrup.

Linguine with salsa rosata; chicken Florentine; lettuce with red peppers.

Spaghettini with beef ragout; salmon steak marinara; lettuce with green onions; Italian sausage.

Rotini with mushrooms; lamb chops with tarragon; lettuce jardiniere; cuttlefish.

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