Episode Guide - Ad Lib (Series) (1961)

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Jan 23, 1961 - Debut. "Sex in the 60's." Bud Sherman's guests will be Herald Buchwald, Lawyer; Norma Drewitt, housewife and former model; and Marcel, a hair stylist.

Feb 13, 1961 - Bachelorhood will be the topic this week. Why a bachelor, what are the advantages, are bachelors happy, when to give in, these are some of the questions that will be asked of blissful bachelors Al Johnson CJAY TV announcer and hairdresser Michel Rebu. Mrs. Eve. Baxter, along with host Bud Sherman, will spark the investigation of this state of being.

Feb 20, 1961 - The topic is Manitoba Teachers, with a panel of teachers past and present: Jerrold Brodie, Miss Catherine Stewart and Mrs. A.P. Guttman.

Feb 27, 1961 - Is comedy a controversial subject? Is it enough a part of society to cause people to stand up in rage to defend or attack it? The answer to these questions and more will come out this week. Host Bud Sherman will have as his guests Dr. Lowell Hurwitz, an intern at the St. Boniface Hospital known for his comedy routines at Winnipeg variety functions; Bill Moore, a old-time vaudeville master; and Lean Cariou, a talented young comedian.

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