Bowling For Dollars (Series)

Bowling For Dollars
Bowling For Dollars was a "franchised" game show produced and broadcast by local TV stations all across North America. CKND Winnipeg and CKCO Kitchener were the only Canadian stations airing versions in Canada. The Canadian game was a five-pin version. Each bowler had a maximum of three turns. Players who bowled three successive strikes won the pot but their game still ended after those three turns. The pot started again at $15 and the prize money increased by $15 whenever a new player entered the game. Each bowler had a "pin pal," a viewer whose name had been selected at random from a bin. The pin pal collected half of whatever the bowler won. The Winnipeg version aired from 1979-1981.

Bob Washington .... Host (Winnipeg)
Bill Inkol .... Host (Kitchener)
Jeff Hutchison .... Host (Kitchener)

Original Broadcaster(s): CKND, CKCO

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im try to get a copy of ny taping of bowling for dollars with faith daya as a contestant in 76 or 77
byClick here to see the profile of this user mommy4, June 15, 2009
I was on bowling for dollars back in 1976 - I believe September or October. It was a great show. My daughter has been trying to get a copy of the tape from the show I was on. It was held at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Can anyone help with this? Thanks - it would be great to show my grandchildren too.
hi my mom was on bowling for dollars also... she passed on in 1976 soon after she was on the show.. i was only 7 and don't remember much but i would love to see some more of bowling for dollars... Being a bowler myself I'd like to see a modern version just the thought of seeing and mabie hearing mom again that would mean so much..... does anybody know how i could do this...... I called CKCO once years ago asking about it... they put me through to some jerk in archives who was actually laughing at me saying we don't keep stuff that old and even if they did he couldn't help me anyway
byJennifer Whyte-McKay, January 13, 2008
Hi, I have been searching for a long time for a ite like this. I remember my father, Jim Whyte, being on Bowling for Dollars when I was a small child. I still remember watching it at home with my family and seeing all of us looking goofy on TV. This would have been in Winnipeg since we were living on the base in Portage La Prairie (Southport was the base) Is there a way to get copies of this show, particularily the one which my father was on? This would be such an awesome event to show my children that their Grandpa was on TV!
Jennifer McKay nee: Whyte

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