Episode Guide - Ken Dryden's Home Game (Miniseries) (1990)

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Episode 1: Mere Players

Episode 2: The Playing Fields of Scarborough. In the playing fields of Scarborough the professional venue is deserted and Dryden returns to the place where hockey began - in the homemade backyard rinks and little league. The lives of young players and their devoted families are analyzed when Ken Dryden depicts life as a peewee: the beginning, the pursuit, the possibilities, the price the player has to pay and the sacrifices the family makes. Hockey at this stage, as Dryden sees it, keeps the family united. The family that plays together stays together, such is the motto of the Koehler family of Scarborough, Ontario. In this episode the camera follows young Greg Koehler and his family through a number of minor league games and tournaments. They live and breath hockey, finding it an antidote for urban stress. Many of Dryden's personal reflections on parents watching children grow up are evident when we take a personal look at a family outing with the Dryden family - son Michael's Sunday game.

Episode 3: The Big Money Game. The conflict between commercialism vs. ethics in professional hockey is the issue Ken Dryden attacks in this episode.

Episode 4: No Final Victories. Old rivals meet again when members of the 1972 Canada-Russia hockey series gather in Moscow. (Feb 5, 1990)

Episode 5: The Common Passion

Episode 6: The Magic of Play. The Magic of Play is about people who love hockey. It is about hockey's roots and the uncommon, unique demographic groups which become involved with Canada's favourite pastime. (Mar 11, 1990)

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