Divided Loyalties (TV Movie) (1990)

Divided Loyalties was a dramatization of one of the pivotal periods of Canadian history. At the heart of the story is the figure of Joseph Brant, played by Jack Langedijk. An Iroquois chief of the mid-1700s, he was a powerful figure in the complex native-colonist circle that existed in Canada just prior to the American revolution. When American and British forces clashed in Lower Canada, Brant sided with the British in hopes of strengthening his people's position in the post-war British North America. Unfortunately, Brant ended up torn between his political loyalties, and those he felt for family and friends on both sides of the conflict.

Aired on Feb 13, 1990

Robert Bidaman
John Bourgeois
Torquil Campbell
Ben Cardinal
Tantoo Cardinal... Molly Brant
Kennetch Charlette
Neil Dainard
Shane Douglas
Andrew Gillies
Jon Granik
Paul Gross... Walter Butler
Vernon Harper
Rene Highway
Denis Lacroix
Lisa LaCroix
Jack Langedijk... Joseph Brant
Steve Lucescu
Dennis Lundin
Wendy Lyon
Pamela Matthews
Pamela Matthews... Catherine Brant
Jan Rubes .... Governor
Alan Scarfe... George Washington
August Schellenberg
Trevor Smith
George Touliatos
Raoul Trujillo
Tony Van Bridge
Chris Wiggins... Sir William Johnson
Dale Wilson

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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