Men (Series) (1989)

Men focused on the personal and professional lives of four Baltimore friends in their 30s (a surgeon, a newspaper columnist, a lawyer and a police officer). They met every Tuesday night to play poker and do other "guy" stuff — like pick-up games of basketball.

Men was something of a breakthrough for Canada's Atlantis Films, which produced the short-lived series for ABC. The hour-long premiere was shot in Baltimore by an American company, but Atlantis took over production on the remaining 7 episodes, which ran through early May. The series was shot in Toronto, which doubled for Baltimore. Saul Rubinek was the only Canadian lead, although crew and supporting cast were all Canadian.

ABC cancelled Men after its fifth episode.

Ted Wass .... Steven Ratajkowski
Ving Rhames .... Charlie Hazard
Saul Rubinek .... Paul Armas
Tom O'Brien .... Danny McDaniel
Kimberly Pistone .... Lisa Vaneti
Candy Ann Brown .... Margaret Hazard

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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