Zig Zag (Series) (1979-1987)

Zig Zag
Zig Zag was a children's series produced by BCTV in Vancouver. The show went on to take several different formats and hosts, but probably the most popular version was hosted by Bill Reiter and Rick Ducommun who played Biff and Bart respectively. Biff and Bart were previously only seen a few minutes per episode (hidden among the segments hosted by Terry David Mulligan) but eventually took over the whole show.

Terry David Mulligan .... Co-Host
Susanne McLellan .... Co-Host
Marilyn Smith .... Co-Host
Bill Reiter .... Biff/Mr. Biff/Mr. Cool/Bill E. Glitter
Rick Ducommun .... Bart/Mr. Nerdo/Duke
Valri Bromfield .... Regular
Norm Grohmann .... Regular
Nicola Cavendish .... Regular
Ryan Stiles .... Regular
Nicole Martin .... Regular

Original Broadcaster(s): BCTV, CTV

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