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Sep 26, 1985 - "Glenna." From CBC Vancouver - Set in a small Alberta town during prohibition and focusing on the arrival of a new RCMP constable and his effect on a family of three spinster sisters. Cast: Carolyn Brandon, Brenda Robins, Joy Coghill, Nicola Cavendish.

Oct 17, 1985 - "MVP." From CBC Regina - Drama about a father who tries to impose his desire for fame on the ice hockey rink on his son Jamie, who is not sure if ice hockey is the right career for him. Cast: Jeff Lumby, Ian Black, Pat Lenyne, Jack Woolley, Jeanine Fraser, Don Campbell.

Oct 24, 1985 - "Lukey's Labels." From CBC St. John's - Based on Ted Russell's 'Tales of Pigeon Inlet'. Aggie, a Newfoundland housewife, is hooked on radio contests. After winning $50 in a preliminary competition, she nearly buys out the general store's canned goods supply so she can steam off the labels and perhaps win $1000. Cast: Brian Downey, Amy House, Kevin Noble.

Oct 31, 1985 - "Hauntings." From CBC Toronto - A series of tours of haunted houses in Toronto.

Nov 14, 1985 - "Jennie." From CBC Vancouver - Jennie (Janet Hodgkinson) realizes her romantic dream and marries her mountie (Greg Ellwand). She moves to his cabin in the Rockies for what she thinks is going to be a glamorous life.... that is until the night she is left alone in the cabin with a prisoner.

Nov 21, 1985 - "Toyboat." From CBC Regina - The mother of 10-year-old Zinny has died in a car crash. Her father finds her questions about death morbid. When her aunt comes to visit, she collapses and Zinny is forced to confront an intensely ill person who might die. Zinny: Stacey Ehman. Father: Tom MacCarone. Aunt Ellen: Lorraine Forman.

Dec 12, 1985 - "Are There Any Farmers Left?" (Episode 12) From Saskatchewan - A farmer suffers severe emotional depression when he loses the family farm to creditors. Cast: Michael Taylor, Cheryl Cashman, Allan Bratt, Guy Buller, Victor Young, Gay Burgess, Sarah Copeman, Jeremy Copeman, Bill Hugli.

Dec 28, 1985 - "Until Next Time." From CBC Toronto - Danny, who is bullied by the other boys, meets Cindy, painting at an easel outside the school gates. She suggests he takes her to the high-school prom, to his amazement. He eventually finds out that she is a ghost. Cast: Chris Earle, Peter Faussett, Terri Hawkes, Graig Webster.

Jan 9, 1986 - "Over the Edge." From CBC Vancouver - Whodunnit involving Constable and his sidekick who pass by an accident on a beach but are unconvinced that it was an accident, and therefore set out to find the truth. Cast: Jackson Davies, Ann Kidder, Winston Reckert, Wayne Robson.

Oct 16, 1986 - "The Oatman." From CBC Halifax - Teenage girl, living on a farm in Nova Scotia, resents her father's new marriage, befriends the old oatman, and discovers the truth of her mother's disappearance. Cast: Marley MacKinnon, Bill Carr, Gerard Parkes, Margaret Moore.

Oct 23, 1986 - "Not a Bad Year." From CBC Winnipeg - Play by Gabriel and Jancarlo Markiw about an Italian family living in Winnipeg. Cast: Angelo Pedari, Giuseppe Condello.

Dec 11, 1986 - "Transition." From CBC Winnipeg - Drama about a recently-widowed older woman coming to terms with the changes in her life. Written by Betty L. Chapman. Cast: Doris Petrie, Dorothy Monpetit, Greg Ellwand.

Dec 18, 1986 - "The Spirit of Christmas"

Jan 22, 1987 - "Family Matters." From CBC Montreal - A look at motherhood from two points of view - the married working woman and the single career woman who decides to have a baby. Cast: Marjorie Pauch, Timothy Webber, Bronwen Mantel.

Feb 5, 1987 - "The Partners." From CBC Regina - Cast: Nicholas Rice, Tibor Feheregyhazi

Oct 17, 1987 - "All Sales Final." From CBC Winnipeg - Recently widowed Eleanor decides to sell her possessions and move to an old people's home. At the garage sale she holds Archie walks in, whom she has not seen for 40 years. It transpires that they share a child. Cast: Doreen Brownstone, Heather Lee McCall, Cec Linder.

Oct 31, 1987 - A compilation of four scary stories which are all true.

Nov 14, 1987 - "Letting Go." From CBC Edmonton - A girl's life is affected by the death of her Rodeo rider father. Cast: Kate Newby, Judith Mabey, Wendell Smith.

Nov 28, 1987 - "Market Forces." From CBC Vancouver - A fantasy which looks at the dramatic effects of trading on "insider" information when the investment tips appear to be received by telepathy. Starring Stephen Young as Doug; Merrilyn Gann as Laura; Liam Ramsey as Ben; and Ted Greenhalgh as Phil.

Dec 5, 1987 - "I Love You Cowboy." From CBC Montreal - Drama based on a story by T.F. Rigelhoff, about a family man who is frustrated at being poor, so he teams up with a friend to rob a pawn shop. Cast: Robert Parson, Christine Seguin, Guy Nadon, Bryan McLein.

Dec 12, 1987 - "Superstitions." From CBC St. John's - Based on Ted Russell's 'Tales of Pigeon Inlet'.A group of superstitious women ignore professional medical advice preferring the old-fashioned cure of an elderly woman. Cast: Jane Cheeks, Jennice Ripley and Kevin Noble.

Dec 19, 1987 - "The Silent Bell." Chris Wiggins, Diane Reis, Scott Dickson, Ron James, Matthew Smith. A small boy helps an old man rediscover the forgotten meaning of Christmas.

Dec 26, 1987 - "A Way Out." From CBC Winnipeg - Drama about a young woman who is bored with her life in a small Prairie town, an decides she has to leave. Cast: Seana McKenna, Peter Smith, Vern Thiessen, Martine Friesen.

Jan 21, 1988 - "Lunch Date." From CBC Vancouver - Doris is a lonely woman who meets Roger in the cemetary where she eats her lunch. She is smitten by him, until she discovers that he has been dead for years. Cast: Elizabeth Dancoes, Joy Coghill, Peter Yunker.

Feb 4, 1988 - "Punchline." Drama about a stand-up comedian who tries to make a go of his career, and also to become reconciled with his estranged son after the death of his wife. Cast: Pat Riordan, Garth Dyke, Pauline Broderick.

Oct 13, 1988 - A couple compromises their differing lifestyles to be together.

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