Episode Guide - Yarns From Pigeon Inlet (Series) (1983-1985)

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Yarns From Pigeon Inlet
"Love the Giver" - Debut Episode.

Dec 21, 1983 - "The Closest Berth." A drama about conflict in Ted Russell's imaginary village of Pigeon Inlet, features Rick Boland and Madeline Williams as a fisherman and his wife who defy local customs in a dispute over fishing rights. Also featuring Canon George Earle and Mac Barfoot, with special guest, Kevin Noble.

Apr 11, 1985 - "The Hangashore." Solomon Noddy steals three holes in the ice on Lige Bartle and the result is a court case where a hole is defined as "nothing" and he can't be convicted for stealing nothing. With Ed Kendall, Shirley Crane and Terry Crawley and Doug Wheeler as the miscreant, Sol Noddy.

Dec 25, 1987 - "Changing Places." Sooze Bartle decides the name of Pigeon Inlet should be changed to something more picturesque in order to attract tourists. Pete Briggs, the most stubborn man in Pigeon Inlet, leads a revolt against the move. Pete: Boyd Norman. Junius Maybee: John Holmes.

"Lukey's Labels." (1985?) Aggie, a Newfoundland housewife, is hooked on radio contests. After winning $50 in a preliminary competition, she nearly buys out the general store's canned goods supply so she can steam off the labels and perhaps win $1000. Lukey: Brian Downey. Aggie: Amy House. Aired as part of the anthology series "The Way We Are" on Oct 24, 1985.

"Superstitions." (1987?) Aunt Paish is a mute old woman who lives on her own in a cabin. She is the local healer, but the district nurse is suspicious of her methods. Aunt Paish: Jane Cheeks. District nurse: Jennice Ripley. Aired as part of the anthology series "The Way We Are" on Dec 12, 1987.

"On the Halves." Two brothers are at odds over an inheritance.

"The Pilgarlic." (1987?) A young boy is blamed for a rash of vandalism in the tiny community of Pigeon Inlet. Eli Whitten believes that it is a cry for attention and tries to help. Despite all his efforts, the vandalism persists and the boy is still blamed.

"Deadman's Light." (1985 or 1989?) Episode #17. A heartwarming tale about an old seaman who lies about seeing ghost lights on a shoal outside the harbour. When his grandsons are stranded there and signal for help, no one will brave the storm to rescue them. Starring Ted Hanley, Rosemary Dawson and Canon Earle.

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