Gentle Sinners (TV Movie) (1985)

The story of 17-year-old Eric Smith's struggle to escape the repressive restrictions placed on him by his fanatically-religious parents. Against his parents' wishes, Eric sneaks out to attend a party given by one of his friends. When his parents find out where he is, they go to the house and pray on the front lawn for forgiveness of Eric's "sin". Humiliated and angry, Eric runs away to the rural Manitoba farm of his Uncle Sigfus. Understanding what he must have gone through, Sigfus offers the boy shelter and guidance and the freedom he ran away to find. Sigfus and his lifelong friend Sam show Eric a whole new world.

Aired on Jan 6, 1985

Christopher Earle .... Eric Smith
Ed McNamara .... Sigfius
George Clutesi .... Sam
Charlene Chuck Seniuk .... Melissa
Todd Stewart .... Larry
Frank Adamson .... Bert
Jackie Burroughs .... Mrs. Smith
Ken Pogue .... Mr. Smith
John A. Curtis .... Big Tree
Neil Bennet .... Little Tree
Benjamin Darvill .... Ringworm boy
Doreen Brownstone .... Mrs. Pearls
Maara Haas .... Mrs. Kolababa
Jack Bingham .... Thor
Blake Taylor .... Brother Eustace

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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