Episode Guide - Parenting (Series) (1984-1985)

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Dec 10, 1984 - With Joyce Davidson and today's guests Pat Carfra who talks about "why sing lullabies"; focus on Step Parenting with Lillian Messinger. and personality parent Ben Wicks.

Dec 11, 1984 - Today, guest Madeline Kronby talks about Family Outings; a further focus on step parents with Lillian Messinger; and Linda Steinberg discusses "programming for children's libraries."

Dec 12, 1984 - Today, guest Judy Curtin comments on "clothing for the newborn;" a further focus on step parents with Lillian Messinger; and Kay Spicer with "Stir Fry".

Dec 13, 1984 - Today, guest Trudy Cutfield discusses "what to do with a fussy newborn". A focus on grandparents with Pat Fleming; and Joan Colleton discusses sports shoes.

Dec 14, 1984 - Today: guest Judy Curtin talks about clothing for gifts; the focus on grandparents with Pat Fleming; and Trudy Cutfield discusses coping with parenting.

Dec 31, 1984 - Today, Suzanne Cohen from PJ's Pet Centre talks about small pets; Dr. Linda Pickard, Professor of Nutrition talks about nutrition for pre-schoolers; and the personality parent is Lynn Johnston, cartoonist, creator of For Better or For Worse' comic strip.

Jan 2, 1984 - Today, Judy Whelan of the Ontario Egg Producers Marketing Board gives us a recipe for egg face sandwiches, a focus on 'inside a computer' with Frank Winter, and Dr. Michael McGuigan of The Hospital for Sick Children talks about poison control.

Jan 3, 1984 - With host Joyce Davidson. Today, music teachers Donna Wood and Ruth Berger talk about creating a musical environment, focus on 'teaching a child to read' with Jim Donnelly; and Dr. Tom Balanyk comments on thumb sucking.

Jan 4, 1984 - Today, Andy Levy comments on Computers and Education; a focus on "streetproofing" with Barb and Doug Hall; and Bill Humber with 'family sports'.

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