Episode Guide - Hand and Eye (Series) (1984)

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Feb 9, 1984 - Debut. Tonight: All Thai Glistens - concentrating on gold, silver and precious stones. Some of the featured artists are Swiss jewellery designer Gilbert Albert, Canadian silversmith Lois Betterridge; Madeleine Dansereau, co-founder of L'Ecole de Joailler et de Metaux d'art de Montreal; jewellery designer Paloma Picasso; Canadian goldsmith, jeweller, printmaker and sculptor Bill Reid and leading European jewellery artist Anneke Schat.

Feb 16, 1984 - Tonight: Glorious Mud. This program concentrates on clay - moulded baked, glazed and painted. Some of the featured artists are leading Canadian ceramic artist Robin Hopper; British potter Michael Cardew; American historian, lecturer and dealer Garth Clark; American ceramic artist Viola Frey and Japanese master potter Tatsuzo Shimaoka.

Feb 23, 1984 - Tonight: Ties That Bind- Fibres. This episode concentrates on baskets, cloth and fibre art. Some of the featured artists are Poland's fibre sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz; Bulgarian/ American environmental artist Christo; American artist Gerhardt Knodel, textile designer Jack Lenor Larsen; American fibre artist John McQueen; Japan's foremost designer of contemporary clothing Issey Miyake; and leading Canadian textile artist Mariette Rousseau-Vermette

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